Monkey Quest

Using the Quest Compass

Using the Quest Compass

Gaining a quest is easy. Just find a monkey with an exclamation point over his or her head. Press the CTRL button (or X on a Mac) and that monkey will describe the quest and send you on your way.
If you forget where you are going or what you're supposed to do, don't worry! The quest compass can help.

Once you've got a quest, the quest compass at the top of your screen will point you toward your objective, whether it's to gather items, defeat enemies, or even just to find another monkey.

Learn more about the Monkey Quest Display here.

If you need a reminder of what you're supposed to be doing while on a quest, click on the compass found on the right side of your game window to pull up the objectives list of your tracked quest.

You can see all your quests or change your tracked quest by pulling up your map and Quest Journal with the "J' key.

In the Quest Journal, click on the box to the right of a quest to set it as your main quest, now your quest compass will point you toward your next objective of the selected quest. Clicking the title of the quest will show you the rewards and tasks needed to complete that quest.

The Quest Journal provides a lot of other information about your accepted quests as well. For example, you can see if the quest requires grouping by the number of monkeys on the right side of the quest title or is Premium, highlighted in red.

Now you know your ready to go questing and use your compass! Get out there and expore Ook!

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