Monkey Quest

Crumbling Gates

Crumbling Gates

In the glorious era of the Monkey King, the land of Ook was protected from invading monsters by these grand gates. Since the Monkey King's sacrifice, however, they have fallen into disrepair over time. Today, they are a crumbled ruin of what they once were. Without them in place to keep Ook's borders safe, there's little to stop monstrous creatures from flowing in. The area where the gates once stood has now become a hotbed for monster activity.

Trail Access Point:
Crossroad Path
Trail Recommended Levels: 35-45
Idols: 10

Trail Quests
Hints & Tips

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  • Bombirds
  • Rachnoids
  • Bathogs
  • Swamp Bathogs
  • Shadow Crawlers
  • Rock Crawlers
  • Swamp Crawlers
  • Spawners 
  • Shadow Monster

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Tale Means Story

Mayor Bumbee needs you to find the Monkey King's War Journal at the Crumbling Gates.
Reward: 440 Bananas/6600 XP

Raiding the Crawlers
Monkeys required
Flit wants you to defeat the Shadow Crawler at the Crumbling Gates.
Reward: 430 Bananas/6450 XP

Cleaning a Crazy One
Monkeys required
Flit wants you to defeat the Co-op Arena in Crumbling Gates.
Reward: 440 Bananas/6600 XP

A Puzzling Puzzle
Monkeys required
Jeet wants you to try to finish the mountain puzzle in The Crumbling Gates and see if it yields any Reward.
Reward: 260 Bananas/3900 XP

The Rubber Bands
Monkeys required
Wijit wants you to find her 5 Rubberband Balls in the Crumbling Gates.
Reward: 440 Bananas/6600 XP

Fixes and Marshmallows
Fix the Volcano Machine at the Crumbling Gates. Then bring back 3 Marshmallows for Maurice.
Reward: 500 Bananas/7500 XP

Caleph's Daily Quest
Monkeys required
Caleph wants you to clear the Crawlers prison cells at The Crumbling Gates.
Reward: 440 Bananas/6600 XP

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Staying Above the Shadows
A giant Shadow Monster lurks deep in the recesses of the Crumbling Gates. No single monkey dares approach it unaided, but a friend can help enter its lair to grab an Idol. Especially crafty monkeys should be able to trampoline to it and escape without even dealing with the great beast.

Spawner City
There's an intense Co-op Arena in Crumbling Gates that’s not for the faint of heart. A grand total of four Spawners occupy the combat area, each one the source of more Shadow energy. Bob and weave past the enemies and position your fellow monkeys to trampoline into striking distance.

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