Monkey Quest

Display Guide

Display Guide

A. Your Monkey's Picture and his HEALTH POINTS.

B. CHAT BOX Open this to chat with other monkeys.

C. QUEST COMPASS Follow this to find your next quest objective.

D. QUICKSLOTS Shows what you currently have equipped to your C, V, B & N keys.

E. EXPERIENCE BAR Shows your current level and progress to your next level.

F. Here's where you can see how many BANANAS your monkey has.

G. This bag takes you to the NC MALL, where you can buy premium items and get NickCash.

H. Click on the MEMBERSHIP ICON to get unlimited access to all trails and exclusive perks.

I. QUEST TRACKER Click on the compass to figure out what you need for your next quest. 
Learn more about tracking quests here.

J. ICON TRAY Mouse over the icon tray to see the menu. From here you can access your Backpack, Quest Journal, Monkey Book.

K. FULL SCREEN Click this button to play Monkey Quest in full-screen mode!

L. OPTIONS Click this button to change play options or report a bug in Monkey Quest.

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