Monkey Quest

Forest Ruins

Forest Ruins

The Forest Ruins were at one time home to a great city. When the Shadow Demon Ka arrived, the ensuing conflict swept through the lands. No corner was safe from the destruction and it wasn't long before the city's inhabitants abandoned it in the face of Ka's assembled forces. Without the diligent maintenance of its residents, the forest soon reclaimed the area and wild monsters now run free.

Trail Access Point:
Crossroad Path
Trail Recommended Levels: 20-25
Idols: 10

Trail Quests
Hints & Tips

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  • Rachnoids
  • Bombirds
  • Rock Crawlers
  • Magma Crawlers
  • Swamp Crawlers
  • Bathogs
  • Spawners

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Hidden Treasure

Jeet wants you to find the Statue Treasure in the Forest Ruins.
Reward: 240 Bananas/3600 XP

Lera's Daily Quest
Monkeys required
Lera wants you to defeat 10 Monsters in the Forest Ruins.
Reward: 240 Bananas/3600 XP

Scouting the Ruins
Maybor Bumbee wants you to scout three areas in the Forest Ruins.
Reward: 240 Bananas/3600 XP

A Relic from the Shadow War
Mayor Bumbee wants you to look for Clues hidden in Treasures throughout the Forest Ruins.
Reward: 240 Bananas/3600 XP

Dragontail's Tombstone
Mayor Bumbee wants you to find Dragontail's Tombstone in the Forest Ruins.
Reward: 250 Bananas/3750 XP

Defending Crossroads
Monkeys required
Flit wants you to defeat the Arena and the Elite Spites in the Forest Ruins.
Reward: 240 Bananas/3600 XP

Bricks and Marshmallows
Get 5 Lava Bricks from the Forest Ruins and a Marshmallow in The Volcano Lair and bring them back to Maurice.
Reward: 250 Bananas/3750 XP

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Chin Up Chimp
In addition to watching your step, it's a good idea to look up every now and then. The flocks of Bombirds overhead and numerous Rachnoids along the ceilings in this trail are exactly the reason why you should wear a helmet.

Reservations for Three
This trail features two Arenas, one of which is available only to groups of three monkeys. Its three Magma Crawlers are certainly tough, and it’ll take teamwork to give your fellow monkeys a boost up to reach the higher Spawners.

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