Monkey Quest

Forgotten Temple

Forgotten Temple

Weird, unexplained occurrences have recently been reported from the direction of The Forgotten Temple. The local inhabitants of Noogo Village are too fearful to step foot in such dangerous territory – they’re looking to you for help in discovering the root of such strange events!

Trail Access Point: The Crossroad Path
Trail Recommended Levels: 1-5
Idols: 0

  • Shadow Spider
  • Rachnoids

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Supplies for Loch
Rilan wants you to deliver supplies to Loch the archeologist. He is in The Forgotten Temple.
Reward: 10 Bananas/150 XP & Shiny Red Apples

Mysterious Quest
The Mysterious Warrior needs you to recover a Purple Shard in The Forgotten Temple, and then find Mayor Bumbee in the Crossroads.
Reward: 10 Bananas/150 XP

New Guardian
Loch needs you to talk to the Guardian Willow at the Forgotten Temple
Reward: 10 Bananas/150 XP

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Shadow Spider
Someone, or something, has sent a nasty Shadow Spider to block the entrance to the temple! Don’t fret – the Mysterious Warrior has offered to distract the monster by jumping on its back and tickling it. Watch for the tickling and attack when the spider rears back, revealing its soft underbelly.
Don’t miss out!
Those delicious banana bunches might at first seem out of reach, but take a look around before leaving them behind! Use the drum to hop up on the ledge above, giving you a perfect shot at the target pad. Use the Slingshot to hit the target and gain access to the bananas!

Get Creative

Can’t seem to get a shot on that pesky Rachnoid above the Purple Shard? Get creative and let it come to the edge of the platform. Jump off the rope and Super Stomp to damage the Rachnoid and rebound back to the rope. Rinse and repeat.

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