Monkey Quest



Wearing Clothing and Accessories will boost various stats. Be sure to always have as much armor as you can equipped before going into battle! There are 10 armor slots available to equip your monkey with various clothing, accessories, and decorations.
Equipment Slots Explained

          Hair - Helmets, Wigs, Headdresses and other head related items go into this slot.

*Upper Face - Masks, Noses, Goggles & Glasses are equipped here.

*Head - This slot is for special face paints.

  Ears - Elf Ears, Earrings and anything ear related can be placed here.

*Lower Face - Masks, Beards, Mustaches go here.

  Body - Shirts, Body Armor & Coats are equipped in this slot.

  Legs - This is where you put your pants.

  Tail - Tail rings are equipped here.

  Wrist - Cuffs, Bracers and Gloves go in this slot.

  Backpack - You can equip Shields, Quivers, and Back related items in this area.

Decorations do not boost your armor stats. The Head as well as Upper & Lower Face slots are reserved for Decoration items.

As you play Monkey Quest, collect gear from quests and shops. Eventually your monkey should be covered in gear!

Find a piece of armor you want to equip within the Clothing, Accessories, or Decorations tabs. Click and hold the item you want to equip and drag it into your monkey window. The item will automatically be put in the correct slot. If the slot is already filled it will replace the currently equipped item.

Understanding Armor Stat Increases and Decreases

Each item you wear will change the stats of your monkey based on the item's Level, Rarity and Element.
Item Level –This is the level you need to be to equip an item.  An item’s level determines the range of damage points that item deals or absorbs.

Item Rarity –  The rarer the item the more powerful it becomes. There are five rarity levels Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary!

Tribe Element – Elemental armor can be boosted depending how you allocate your Tribe skill points.   Each Tribe has an special elemental alignment that can be mastered. Putting skill points in a Tribe boosts all armor containing their special element.  Items without an elemental symbol, do blunt damage, which cannot be boosted.

Hover over each item to inspect the stats. Green numbers increase your current stats, and red numbers decrease your current stats. Find the best stats and become a great monkey warrior!

Each Accessory and piece of Clothing has unique stats that are determined by Level, Rarity, Element, and Slot.

ADVANCED TIP: Rarity has been known to affect power, so try to find the rarest items if you want to be more powerful! Rarer items can be found in the NC Mall.


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