Monkey Quest

Healing & Potions

Healing & Potions

Food and Potions are necessary if you want to survive Ka’s Shadow Beasts. You can find all of your Potions, Food and special items like Elixirs & Poppers in the Supplies tab in your Backpack.

There are a variety of healing items in Ook. You can either find these items on your quests, or you can purchase them from vendors and shops. All healing items are consumable, so once you use one it will disappear from your Backpack.

Hover your mouse over an item in your Backpack to inspect it. Every item has a Required Level and Rarity, and most have Effects and bonuses.

Healing with Potions, Food & Elixirs
You can use Potions, Foods & Elixirs to heal your monkey or get special bonuses. Let's take a look at difference between these items:

Food items refill your monkey's health slowly over time and are good for healing in areas with no immediate danger.

Potions refill your health instantly and are great in the heat of battle or dangerous situations.

Elixirs provide special stat bonuses for a short time. Use these to increase your xp & banana rewards or become stronger in battle for a short time!

There are many ways to get Potions, Food & Elixirs. The NC Mall has a variety of Potions, Elixirs, and Food check them out in the Consumables and Food tabs. You can also earn Elixirs and Potions as quest rewards or buy them from vendors in Ook.

Using Consumable Items
There are two ways to use consumable items you collect:

Equip for Quick Access - Equip consumable items like Food or Potions to your CVBN Hotkeys & press the assigned CVBN button to use them in battle.

From the Backpack - Double click an item in your Backpack or drag the item onto your monkey viewer in the Backpack to use them anytime.

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