Monkey Quest



A monkey should never go into battle without at least a few weapons equipped to the CVBN keys.

There are many different types of unique weapons, and each of them has different stats associated with them. You can find all your weapons in the Weapons & Relics tabs in your Backpack. You can also find Bombs & Poppers in the Supplies tab. Weapons can only be used within trails or dungeons and must be equipped to the CVBN keys to use them.

Weapon Stats

Each weapon has many different factors that determine its overall quality and power.

Required Level – You must meet this requirement to equip the weapon

Rarity – The more rare the item, the more powerful.  There are five rarity levels Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary!

Element – Each Tribe has an special elemental alignment that can be mastered. Putting skill points in a Tribe boosts all weapons containing their special element.

Weapon Type – Weapon type allow for different types of attacks including Ranged, Melee, Special, Bomb, and Popper.

Attack Speed – determines speed of attack

Range – Determines how close you have to be to hit the enemy

Cool Down – Determines how quickly you can use the weapon again

Finding Weapons

Weapons can be discovered by questing in Ook, buying them at vendors, or purchasing them in the NC Mall.
ADVANCED TIP: Bombs and Poppers pack a punch against Shadow Monsters. You can throw them or place them directly in the path of a dangerous monster.

There are weapons available for each level range and each tribe. Brokk's Battle Shop in Hovering Markets has more weapons than anywhere else in Ook!

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