Monkey Quest

The Giant Tree

The Giant Tree

As if the climb itself weren’t challenging enough, poisonous creatures inhabit the largest tree in all of Ook. Only the bravest and most adventurous monkeys dare enter the natural wonder. Those unprepared travel in fear of losing themselves in the maze of branches and deadly traps.

Trail Access Point:
Swamp of Misery
Trail Recommended Levels: 20-25
Idols: 10
Trail Exclusive Rewards:
Fanged Mystic Crown, Belt of Ancestors & Tribal Healing Necklace

Trail Quests
Hints & Tips

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  • Rock Orchids
  • Poison Orchids
  • Spawners
  • Bathogs

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The Intelligent Rachnoid
Mook is accusing Ripper of stealing the Package. You can find Ripper at The Giant Tree.
Reward: 250 Bananas/3750 XP

The Exterminator
Ripper needs you to defeat 3 Rachnoids and try to find another Clue in The Giant Tree.
Reward: 260 Bananas/3900 XP & Fanged Mystic Crown OR Belt of Ancestors

Find a Bright Rachnoid
Jolt wonders if there's a Rachnoid who could help with the message. Find Ripper at the Giant Tree.
Reward: 300 Bananas/4500 XP

The White Chim
Mama Babu wants you to talk to the Chim Foo Master in The Giant Tree.
Reward: 250 Bananas/3750 XP

The Foodoo Doll
Monkeys required
Master White wants you to test the elixir on a Foodoo Doll that can be found in The Giant Tree.
Reward: 325 Bananas/4875 XP & Tribal Healing Necklace OR Fanged Mystic Crown

The Immortal
Mama Babu wants you to investigate the Immortal's Altar in The Giant Tree.
Reward: 325 Bananas/4875 XP

The Missing Firstborn
The Rachnoid Queen wants you to find her first-born. Talk to Ripper at The Giant Tree.
Reward: 312 Bananas/4687 XP

The Festering Pool
Dip the Foodoo Doll in the Festering Pool of Driftwood Village then bring it to Master White in The Giant Tree.
Reward: 280 Bananas/4200 XP

The Pollution
Monkeys required
Mama Babu needs you to find the Water Crack and investigate the Polluted Area in The Spider Cave.
Reward: 210 Bananas/3150 XP & Fanged Bone Ring

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It’s a Snake!
Watch your step! Snakes love the tree’s many dark crevices, but they don’t take kindly to outsiders. If you step over their home, expect a nasty surprise! It’s best to hop over onto safer ground.
High & Low
The Giant Tree’s many niches and branches hold all kinds of secrets, dangerous and beneficial. You might be on a mission, but it never hurts to stop and explore. Enjoy the scenery and pick up some treasure along the way!
Slowly Ticking Away
Take out those Poison Orchids ASAP! Get hit by one of their poisonous attacks and your life will start to drain over time. Keep an eye on your health to avoid getting taken out by continuous damage, and dispose of the nasty plants the moment you cross their path!

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