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Daily Holiday Prizes! Limited Time Only

Winter in Monkey Quest is amazingly fun. Frostbeard has opened his Winter Wonder Maze and we’re celebrating!
Come back daily for prizes and exclusive items for all players available for a limited time only. There’s a lot to explore for our smart monkey warriors.

So you know what you can do, bookmark this page and check back for the latest Holiday Ookvities as they are announced.

Meeting Frostbeard
It's that time of year again when Frostbeard comes to hide gifts in his icy maze.  Monkeys are welcome to enter the maze and find as much loot as they can carry.  Come one, come all! Find the entrance to Winter Wonder Maze in Clock Tower Square this holiday season!

Visiting the Winter Wonder Maze

In December, any  monkey of any level can explore the Winter Wonder Maze. No trail key required!

Here is how you can visit Frostbeard's Winter Wonder Maze:

Use the Portal in Clock Tower Square
Visit Clock Tower Square in the Crossroads
You will see Snowball standing watch over the portal to Frostbeard's Wonder Maze.
Stand on it to enter to test your skills and get great holiday prizes!

Click the event icon in the lower right corner
Click Go to the Wonder Maze.
You will be transported directly to the Wonder Maze.

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Frostbeard's Winter Wonder Maze is so cool! The more you visit the more treats you will discover. The portal is only open during the hoilday season, so come back daily to make sure you don’t miss out on any treats!
Don't miss these A-MAZE-ING activities:

Block Bashing

Frostbeard likes to hide special presents for good monkey warriors inside ice blocks to find as they explore his Winter Wonder Maze. Ice blocks contain different prizes, some more rare than others. These are only available during Othe holiday season! Break as many as you can to get all the loot.

Use your sling shot, super stop, sword or any weapon to break ice blocks to collect prizes. There are 30 presents in the Winter Wonder Maze, can you find them all and collect their loot?

Click here to see the special Limited Edition items you can earn Bashing Ice Blocks!

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Visit Frostbeard's Wintery Jack in the Box

While exploring, if you reach the summit you'll find Frostbeard's Wintery Jack in the Box. It contains the coolest surprises for those warriors smart enough to come back daily to open it.

Prizes in this Jack in the Box are only found inside in the Winter Wonder Maze.

This Jack in the Box contains some of the rarest items, so come back daily for some of Frostbeard's best loot.

Click here to see the special Limited Edition items you can earn opening Frostbeard's Jack in the Box!

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Uncover Frostbeard's Treasure Chests

Frostbeard has hidden four holiday chests in his Winter Wonder Maze. They contain even more prizes for monkeys smart enough to find them. Some are in plain sight and easy to spot, but you’ll need to recruit some friends to get to the last chest.

There are certain items you can only get from opening these chests, so be sure to look for them while you explore.

Click here to see the special Limited Edition items you can earn opening Frostbeard's Holiday Chests!

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Warrior Training Tips & Strategy Guide!

To get to the top of Frostbeard's Winter Wonder Maze, you'll have to be a skilled monkey warrior. Here are some tips and cheats for getting to the top!

If you're STILL having trouble reaching the top of the maze, try this handy guide with a full map of the maze!

Right click or option-click the link below then choose "Save Link As..." to download this pdf to get your Winter Wonder Maze adventure started.
FREE Printable Wonder Maze Strategy Guide

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In Monkey Quest we reward skilled warriors. Prove you've climbed to the top of Winter Wonder Maze, and you're eligible to enter our “A-MAZE-ING Warrior” Sweepstakes. Check out the instructions below and you might win one month for free membership or some limited edition prizes!

How to Enter

Step 1:Visit Frostbeard's Winter Wonder Maze

Step 2: Take a screenshot of YOUR OWN Monkey in at the top of the Maze! (Click here to read our screenshots guide)

Step 3: Submit your entry with the information below:

Submitting Your Entry
You can only submit ONE entry per player via our website! Additional submissions do not increase your chances.

Your Entry MUST include:

1. A screenshot of your monkey at the TOP of Frostbeard's Winter Wonder Maze
2. Your Account Username & Monkey Name
3. Subject Line: “I am an A-MAZE-ING Warrior!”

Send everything to

Winners & Prizes
Winners will be randomly chosen from entries on Jan 10th and winners will be posted Thursday Jan 12th.
One Grand Prize:
One lucky grande prize winner will recieve a free one month Membership to Monkey Quest!
(Existing Members will get a one month added to their exisiting Membership.)

Five Runner Ups:
Five players will recieve their choice of one Limited Edition NC Item from Starshine's Holiday Shop

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Some things are too good to last. You better pick these special items up in October before they disappear. The here’s all the Monkey Quest limited edition Halloween Gear and how you get it:

  Ice Block Bashing Loot
(FREE for all players!)

Get these exclusive items by bashing ice blocks inside the Haunted Graveyard. You can bash new blocks each time you enter the Winter Wonder Maze Trail!

Gum Drops   

Click here to see the see how you earn these special Limited Edition items!

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Holiday Treasure Chest Treats
(FREE for all players!)

Get these exclusive items by opening chests inside the Winter Wonder Maze. You can open each chest once each time you enter the Haunted Graveyard Trail!

3 Holiday Chests
(Single Monkey Required)
Gum Drops       
Winter Shirts       
Comfy Mittens        
Cheery Winter Nose   

1 Co-Op Holiday Chests (Two Monkeys Required)
Winter Shirts
Comfy Mittens
Cheery Winter Nose   

Click here to see the see how you earn these special Limited Edition items!

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Wintery Jack in the Box Gear
(FREE for all players)

Get these exclusive items by opening the Jack in the Box inside the Winter Wonder Maze. You can open this Jack in the Box once every day! Come back every day to make sure you get every item!

Winter Shirt
Comfy Mittens
Cheery Winter Nose   

Click here to see the see how you earn these special Limited Edition items!

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Holiday Exclusive Starshine's Shop &
NC Mall Items
(Click here for more about the NC Mall)

Get these exclusive NickCash & Banana items at Starshine's Shop inside Winter Wonder Maze or in the NC Mall. These will only be available untill the end of Jan so don't wait!

NC Items
Candy Cane Tail Chime
Cheery Horns
Festive Holiday Pack with BONUS Festive Holiday Beard
Gingerbread Cookies 3 Pack
Merry Swoopers
Frosty Noggin’
Rubber Turkey Mace *NOT Limited Edition*
Wild Yeti Pack with BONUS Wild Yeti Gloves

Banana Items
Recipe: Hot Cocoa
Elf Ears
Red Elf Hat 
Red Elf Pants
Red Elf Shirt
Green Elf Hat
Green Elf Pants
Green Elf Shirt

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