Monkey Quest

Win Prizes! Enter the "Mega-Force Challenge" Raffle

Winners randomly chosen from all valid entries on Monday April 1st 2013 and posted Wednesday April 3rd 2013. All decisions are final. By entering and participating in this raffle, entrants agree to be bound by these rules and the decisions of Nickelodeon Games Group.

Step 1:  Do the Power Rangers arena in Crossroads Path and collect a full set of Power Rangers Mega-Force Gear.  

Step 2: Take a screenshot (or digital picture) of YOUR OWN monkey and up to four other monkeys dressed in Power Rangers gear. Your screenshot can include one of each color Power Ranger  (Click here to read our screenshots guide)

Step 3: Email your entry to with your username and monkey names of all the Power Rangers Monkeys in yoru shot on or before March 31st for a chance to win!

You can only submit ONE entry per username! Additional submissions do not increase your chances.
Your Entry MUST include:

1.  A screenshot (or digital picture) of YOUR OWN monkey dressed in Power Rangers Mega-Force Gear with up to 4 other Power Rangers Mega-Force Monkeys one of each color.

2. Your Account Username AND Monkey Name, as well as the monkey names of the other Power Rangers Mega-Force Monkeys in your group.

3. Subject Line: “I took the Mega-Force Challenge”

Five Grand Prize:
Five lucky grand prize winning screenshots and all the monkeys named in them will receive a free 1-Month Membership to Monkey Quest! (Existing Members will get 1 month added to their existing Membership.)

Five Runner Ups:
Five runner up screenshots and all the monkeys named in them will receive 150 NC and 3 Membership Guest Passes!


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