Monkey Quest

Moss Temple

Moss Temple

The Moss Temple has been around for longer than almost any Ootu Mystic can remember. Mysterious artifacts and statues are scattered about, their origins unknown. There are rumors, however, of even more fantastic ruins located in the maze-like underground levels of the temple that reach deep into the foundation. Tread carefully, though, because rumor has it that Swamp Crawlers have begun nesting in the gas-filled caves.

Trail Access Point:
Swamp of Misery
Trail Recommended Levels: 30-40
Idols: 10

Trail Quests
Hints & Tips

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  • Rock Orchids
  • Poison Orchids
  • Bathogs
  • Spawners
  • Swamp Crawlers

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Perfect Scent
Ripper wants you to find 3 Sugar Plum Flowers in Moss Temple and take them to Ghanee the Alligator.
Reward: 370 Bananas/5550 XP

Ultimate Shielding

Broona needs you to buy 5 Magic Dice from Hilia the Vendor who resides in the Moss Temple.
Reward: 360 Bananas/5400 XP

Dice For Luck
Monkeys required
Buy 3 Magic Dice from Hilia at the Moss Temple.
Reward: 216 Bananas/3240 XP

The Temple of Lavender
Monkeys required
Marrow wants you to find a Lavender Flower in the Moss Temple.
Reward: 370 Bananas/5550 XP

Marrow's Daily Quest
Marrow wants you to defeat 4 Swamp Crawlers in the Moss Temple.
Reward: 370 Bananas/5550 XP

Fixing the Gas Leak
Monkeys required
Find 4 snails and 4 pumpkins in Marsh Sanctuary then a Bellow in Moss Temple. Bring everything to Groot.
Reward: 350 Bananas/5250 XP

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Charm the Serpentine Tunnels
Two Arenas - in addition to several treasure chests and Idols - are located far beneath Moss Temple, below the surface and all visible ground. However, a Serpent Staff is necessary to tame the wild vines blocking access.

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