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  • Cool Off This Summer With EXTREME ICE RAIDER Items

    July 19th 2013

    New EXTREME ICE items are now available in the NC mall! These Ice Raiders items will keep you cool this Summer.

    Join the Ice Raiders tribe for larger boosts, earn badges,

    gain Ice weapons, and to level up further!

    Now Available:

    Extreme Ice Helmet

    Frozen Spitball Launcher

    You must be level 20 or higher to equip these items!

    Click here to learn more about NC

  • Win Prizes! Enter the "Turtles Party" Raffle

    July 16th 2013

    (Click the image above to learn about the "Turtles Party" Raffle.)

    Have you sent us your "Turtles Party" Raffle entry yet? Ten lucky monkeys will win a free month of Monkey Quest Membership and twenty other monkeys will get 150 NC and 3 Guest Passes. Click here to learn how to enter!

    What are you waiting for? You could win one month of FREE Membership or other NC Prizes! Raffle ends August 11th. See page for details.

    See you in Ook,

    The Monkey Quest Team
  • Get $5 off the $25 Monkey Quest card at GameStop

    July 15th 2013

    The $25 Monkey Quest Nickelodeon Game Card will be on sale at GameStop® beginning this week!
    You can get $5 off starting Monday, July 15th through Sunday, August 4th!

    In US Stores only. Offer valid from 7/15/2013 - 8/4/2013
  • July Update: Turtles Party

    July 12th 2013
    Check out the highlights from the latest update:

    Party with the Turtles!
    Visit Clock Tower Square to find the entrance to the Turtles new hideout in Ook, there’s tons of prizes to collect for a limited time:

    Test your skills in Leonardo's Training Ground
    Get prizes from Donatello's Party Machine
    Shop for Turtles Gear in Raphael's Shop

    Play Now to party with friends.

    Member Bonus Pet! Blackfish 
    This month Members are getting a special gift, Blackfish the new exclusive Member Pet. Just login and he'll be in your backpack ready to play! 

    Fun Fact: You can use Blackfish forever, just like an NC Pet!
    Click here to learn more about Membership.

    New Items!
    Rule the Summer with the Golden Jackal Mask and Golden Jackal Staff now at the NC Mall

    Bug Fixes & Updates
    Click here to go to our forum post and read the full list of bug fixes. We're always looking to spot new bugs and issues, so if you spot something odd, let us know by Submitting a Bug Report.

    Want to know everything we updated? Click here to go to our forum post and read the full update list.
  • FREE GIFT! Try the Monkey Quest Desktop App

    October 27th 2013
    Start Today! Click Here to Try Monkey Quest on Your Desktop:

    Try out the brand new Monkey Quest Desktop App:
    Get Hiro's Headdress for FREE!
    See Monkey Quest in HD
    Improve Performance, Better Stability
    No Browser Needed!

    Check the Installing Monkey Quest on Your Computer FAQs for more info.

  • LIMITED EDITION Items Expiring Soon

    July 8th 2013

    The Following LIMITED EDITION items will be expiring
    Spring Water Blaster
    Forest Ranger Costume Pack
    Forest Ranger Hood
    Forest Ranger Shirt
    Forest Ranger Pants
    Forest Ranger Gauntlets
    Forest Ranger Cape (Pack item only)

    Visit the NC Mall now
    to get them before they're gone
  • SUMMER SALE Ending Soon

    July 6th 2013

    Over 50 summertime items are discounted right now
    Visit the NC Mall now before it is too late.

    Included in this sale are special limited time only
    HUGE discounts on Summer Packs.
    These contain various items with massive discounts
    Up to 40% off

    This sale will be ending on July 9th
    Now is the time to celebrate SUMMER!
  • Happy July 4th, Monkeys!

    July 4th 2013
    Celebrate this weekend with a 
    Free Rippin' Rocket Blaster!
    Send off fireworks whereever you are!  Use this prize code to get you're own blaster to use in everywhere you feel like celebrating.  
    Thanks for playing and stay cool this weekend, monkeys!
    Redeem the code: FUNJULY on our redeem code page and you will see the items in your inventory next time you log in.
    Click here to Redeem Your Prize Code!
    code expires after 7/7/13


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