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  • Member Benefits at a Special Price

    June 11th 2013

    Members Get MORE
    than just full access to the World of Ook

    Signing up now means you'll get Pandril, the newest Members Exclusive Pet, You'll also get the Savage Trawler items, available to Members this month only!
    You can also access the all the tribes and unlock every quest. Check below for more benefits and Click Here to Learn About the Benefits of Membership!

    Membership Benefits
    Members get:
    -- Exclusive Pets
    -- Monthly Battle Boxes
    -- Weekly Banana Allowance
    -- Fast Travel
    -- Instant Revive
    -- Exclusive Mini-Games and Game Content
    -- Access to All Tribe Areas
    -- Tribe Abilities
    -- Tribe Weapons
    -- Tribe Hats
    -- Premium Emotes
    -- Guest Pases for your friends

    And the Monkey Quest Team is always adding more!

    Members experience everything Ook has to offer without limitations.
    That's unlimited exploration, adventure, and action!

    Membership Special Price
  • "Blast Off" Raffle Winners

    June 7th 2013 Thank you all for participating in our "Blast Off" Raffle. The winners have been randomly chosen from all the entries received! If your monkey name is listed below, we will be contacting you via our official channels to discuss details and award prizes:

    Didn't Win Grand Prize?

    Thanks again to all the monkeys who entered. We has a BLAST checking out your shots!
    See you in Ook,

    The Monkey Quest Team

    P.S.  Stay tuned, the next raffle will begin shortly!
  • You're Invited! Feeding Frenzy ALL Afternoon

    You're Invited! Feeding Frenzy ALL Afternoon

    June 7th 2013
    Feed the Beast....
    Unlock a Banana Bash

    Party with Us 
    in Crossroads Path:
    12pm PST/3pm EST 
    and AGAIN at 
    4pm PST/7pm EST

  • June Update: Party! Party! Party!

    June 7th 2013
    Check out the highlights from the latest update:

    Start Summer with a Banana Bash!
    There's a new creature in Crossroads Path and he loves two things: Bananas and Parties! 
    When he's awake, feed him with friends to unlock a Banana Bash.  The more monkeys you get to help the sooner you can party! 

    HINT! These times might be good times to check out the Banana Beast:   
    12pm-1pm PST/3p-4pm EST 
    4pm-5 pm PST/7p-8p EST

    Play Now to party with friends.

    New Items!
    Rule the Summer with the Ferocious Piranha Blaster and Sea Predator Helmet now at the NC Mall
    Also some vendors got a style make over, they are dressed to impress! Play Now to check out their new look.  

    Bug Fixes & Updates
    We fixed a bunch of bugs as well. Click here to go to our forum post and read the full list of bug fixes. We're always looking to spot new bugs and issues, so if you spot something odd, let us know by Submitting a Bug Report.

    Want to know everything we updated? Click here to go to our forum post and read the full update list.
  • JUNE BATTLE BOX: Savage Trawler Helmet & Blaster

    June 2nd 2013
    Savage Trawler Helmet & Trawler Death Blaster

    Battle Box Items
    Available to Members Only
    Until June 30th

    Hurry and Get Them Now!

    There are also tons of other Membership Benefits!
    Pets, Fast Travel, Instant Revive, Access to Tribes,
    Abilities, Guest Passes, Mini-Games, and much more

    Don't miss out on our Special Offer
  • Two NEW Pets for You!

    May 30th 2013
    New NC Pets are Here!

    Be sure to visit Morgi's Petshop in Crossroads Path to check out Taifune and Timberbeak the two newest Pets. And guess what?  No Membership required!  Play Now to check them out. 

    Benefits of NickCash pets:
    • Use on all Three Monkeys 
    • Access Mutli-Monkey Areas
    • Never Expires!

    Want a FREE Membership?!
    Send us your "Blast Off" Raffle entry and you might win a free 3-month of Monkey Quest Membership and your choice of the the EPIC NC Pets.   

  • Special Members Only Pet Now Available

    May 19th 2013

    Special Members-Only Pet:
    Now Available

    Bring Pandril into battle to unleash his devastating
    Sumo Smash attack.

    You must have a Membership to get Member Pets.
    Collect the Pandril today at Mogri's Pet Shop in Crossroads.

    As a Member you also get other Benefits, too, such as:
    Access to all Trails and Tribes,
    Fast Travel, Instant Revive, 
    Special Abilities, Guest Passes,
    Exclusive Mini-Games, and much more

    New Members: Don't miss out on our Special Offer
  • LAST CHANCE! Get Bonus Membership at GameStop

    May 17th 2013

    5 Month Membership for Only $25!
    Limited Time Only At GameStop
    Redeem by May 19th

    This exclusive bonus is available 
    in the U.S. Only from April 29th to May 19th

    Redeem your GameStop card for Membership for the bonus!


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