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  • Limited Edition NC Mall Items Expiring Soon

    March 30th 2013

    There are many items that will be expiring

    from the NC Mall early next week! 

    Make sure to pick these LIMITED EDITION 

    items up before they're gone.

    Nest Raider Wings

    Ook Party Bomb 5 Pack

    Lucky Club

    Happy-Go-Lucky Helmet

    Happy-Go-Lucky Chops

    Happy-Go-Lucky Brows

    Buddy Pack

    Click here to learn more about NC

  • Nickelodeon Game Cards Available!

    March 28th 2013
    U.S., UK, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand players: For a limited time, earn BONUS NC when you redeem a Nickelodeon Game Card!  

    Cards must be purchased from Target (U.S. - $25 Neopets); WH Smith or Sainsbury’s (U.K. - £5 Multi-property); Shoppers (Canada - $25 Neopets); EB Games, Toys R US, or Woolworth's  (Australia - $15 Multi-property); and EB Games and Woolworth's (New Zealand - $15 Multi-property).  WHEW, that’s a lot of stores!  

    They must be redeemed by April 8th. 
  • Game Update! Defeat Rachnok & Earn His Armor

    March 26th 2013
    Check out the highlights from the latest update:

    New Monsters, More Battles
    Be sure to visit Crossroads Path and look for Rachnok's Lair. This servant of Ka is terrorizing monkeys and we need Heroes to help defeat him.  There are great rewards for those who dare to visit his lair. 

    Cool Gear
    Brokk's Battle Shop in Hovering Markets has new banana and NC weapons for you. Visit the NC Mall to check out the Cobra Crossbow ! Click here to learn more.

    Bug Fixes & Updates
    We fixed a bunch of bugs as well.  Click here to go to our forum post and read the full list of bug fixes. We're always looking to spot new bugs and issues, so if you spot something odd, let us know by Submitting a Bug Report.

    Want to know everything we updated?  Click here to go to our forum post and read the full update list.
  • Don't Miss Your Chance! Pick the Next Pet!

    March 25th 2013
    Poll Ending Soon...Help Us Choose!

    Decide which pet we make next! 
    Click here to take our Ask Ook! Poll. 

    Voting will end soon.
    Cast your vote now & let us know what YOU think.
  • Limited Edition Nest Raider Wings

    March 23rd 2013

    The Nest Raider Wings are still available in 

    the NC Mall for a LIMITED TIME ONLY

    Gather the rest of the outfit by raiding nests

    in Crossroads, but the NC Mall is the only way to get

    the Wings. Check them out before they go away.

    Click here to learn more about NC

  • Ask Ook Poll: Pick the Next Pet!

    March 22nd 2013
    Help Us Choose!

    We need your help decide which pet to make next!
    What do you think? 
    Click here to take our Ask Ook! Poll.
    Voting will end soon.
    Cast your vote now & let us know what YOU think.

    March 18th 2013
    Happy-Go-Lucky Items
    Available in the NC Mall
    for a Limited Time

     These items have been infused with the luck of the Monkey King. Get the rare Happy-Go-Lucky Helmet, Brows and Chops for you monkey, then wack your enemies with the devestaing Lucky Club!

    Level 1 players can use the Brows and Chops, but you must be at level 28 to use the Helmet and Club.
  • Ways to Celebrate Ook Day!

    March 17th 2013
    Monkey Quest is having it's 2nd Anniversary today!

    Here are a few ways to celebrate...

    1. Log In and collect your Ook Day Gift Box. For a limited time you can get a special Ook Party Hat and Cupcake! Don't miss out.
    Play through your quests until you speak to each tribe leader to access each area.

    2. Party Bomb the monsters of Ook.  Birthday's are a blast with new NC Mall Party Bombs. Only 25 NC each!

    3. Have your own Monkey Quest party. We've made a Monkey Quest Party Kit - Now print everything you need to throw your own Monkey Quest Themed Parties.   

    We want to thank you all for playing and hope you had as much fun this year as we did. We look forward to monkeying around in Ook for many years to come!

    Happy Ook Day, 
    The Monkey Quest Team


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