Monkey Quest


  • Happy Valentine's Day, Warriors!

    February 14th 2013
    Thanks for showing us the love!
    Without fans like you we wouldn't be able to make this game or do what we do. Thanks for playing and keeping Ook safe, Warriors.  Since we'd like you to be our Valentine take this prize code as a gift from us to you!
     Redeem the code: VDAYFUN on our redeem code page and you will see the items in your inventory next time you log in.
    Click here to Redeem Your Prize Code! 
    code expires 3/1/13

  • Chim Foo Items On Sale for a Limited Time Only

    February 10th 2013
    The NC Mall Sale ends on February 13th

    Whether you are looking for weapons, face paint, armor,
    or a cool new accessory, you'll be able to find it on sale now!

    Most Chim Foo Items are discounted, but only 
    for a limited time, so get them now!

    February 8th 2013

    Battle Box Items
    Available to Members only
    Until Feb 28th

    Sign up to get them now!

    There are also tons of other Membership Benefits!
    Pets, Fast Travel, Instant Revive, Access to Tribes,
    Abilities, Guest Passes, Mini-Games, and much more

    Don't miss out on our Special Offer
  • "New Year, New Challenge" Raffle Winners

    February 6th 2013 Thank you all for participating in our "New Year, New Challenge" Raffle. The winners have been randomly chosen from all the entries received! If your monkey name is listed below, we will be contacting you via our official channels to discuss details and award prizes:

    Thanks again to all the monkeys who entered. We hope you're as ready to start 2013 as we are!
    See you in Ook,

    The Monkey Quest Team

    P.S.  Stay tuned, the next raffle will begin shortly!

    February 3rd 2013
    Right now for a limited time only 
    Chim Foo NC items are on sale!
    Check out the NC Mall SALE tab.

    You can get weapons, armor, new faces, and 
    accessories. Don't miss out. This will go away soon.

  • Happy Groundh..uh.. Stomper Day!

    February 2nd 2013
    Where you live it may be Groundhog Day, and groundhogs everywhere will pop out of their holes to check to see if Spring will arrive.  But things work a little differently here.

    In Ook, it's Stomper Day!
    Today is the day mean little Stompers pop out of the snow and look for their shadows.  If they see their shadows and get frightened it means a longer winter.  So naturally Ice Raiders spent this day scaring Stompers to make their snowboarding season last longer... 

  • Redeem a Walmart Nickelodeon Game Card for 100 Bonus NC!

    January 29th 2013

    Earn 100 BONUS NC!
    For a limited time, earn 100 BONUS NC when you redeem a Nickelodeon Game Card! Cards must be purchased from a Walmart store by February 7th. Click here to find a store near you!
  • Game Update! Awesome New Items for You

    January 23rd 2013
    Get your new items with our latest update:

    Recruit Your Friends for New Loot!
    Even more reasons to recruit your friends, now you can get free tribe themed helmets or the exclusive Camouflage Color Tonic when your recruited friends sign up.  Click here to start recruiting now!

    Make a Change with Color Tonics
    Want to spice up your look? Visit the NC Mall to try our new temporary color changing Color Tonics! With the new Thermal, Radioactive and Gold Tonics we have something for every-monkey. Click here to learn more.

    Bug Fixes & Updates
    If you like to use Do Not Disturb that feature now works while you group!   So you and your group members don't have random requests during an important battle.   We're always looking to spot new bugs and issues, so if you spot something odd, let us know by Submitting a Bug Report.

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