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  • Become an Ice Raider! How to Change Tribes

    January 2nd 2013
    It's easy to become an Ice Raider! Here's How:

    Step 1: Meet your new Tribe's leader.
    For example, Sigthor is the leader of the Ice Raiders, once you speak to a Tribe's leader you can then access their Tribe.

    Step 2: Open the Badge Book
    Click the Badge Book icon in the bottom left side of the game screen and the click "Switch Tribes" button.

    Step 3: Select your new tribe!
    Remember you have to talk to the Leader of a Tribe before you can join.   You can find a Leader in each Tribe's Town Square.

  • Membership Sale! 20% Off 12-Month Membership

    December 30th 2012

    20% OFF 12-Month MEMBERSHIP!
    Get a full year of Membership for our lowest price ever!
    Right now an Annual Monkey Quest Membership
    is on sale for just $49.95 (£31.95 in the UK)

    With Membership you will get all of these great benefits:
    Access to all tribes including the new ICE RAIDERS tribe!
    Access to every trail and dungeon and over 200 quests.
    Get access to exclusive content like Mini-Games and Pets.
    Get free monthly weapons, gear, and weekly bananas.
    Fast Travel using the World Map
    Instantly Revive after being knocked out
    Premium Emotes to show off
    Get free Guest Passes to gift to your friends

    And MORE! Get a Membership before this offer ends!
  • Buy the Starter Pack to get Complete Access to the Ice Raiders Tribe

    December 28th 2012

    Get the Ice Raiders Starter Pack
    in the NC Mall today!
    Go talk to Flit in Clocktower Square to get your first 
    quest. You will need the buy the Starter Pack to get
    complete access to the tribe.

    The pack comes with the tribe city key, 2 trail keys,
    1 dungeon key, access to a boss battle,
    the Frostbite Battle Axe weapon, the Protective
    Raider Helmet, and the Snowboard Dash ability!

    Remember, you can use your Snowboard anywhere else 
    in the game once you've purchased access to the tribe!

  • Let'em Know You Care! Free Monkey Quest Cards

    December 26th 2012
    Remember, A True Warrior is Grateful...

    We hope you're enjoying the holidays, Warriors.   Make sure to let the people you love know how much they mean to you with our free Thank You Cards.  It's super easy, all you have to do is print and fill in the blanks! 

    Looking for More Printables?

    Click Here!

  • LAST CHANCE! Collect Free Winter Wonder Maze Gear

    December 24th 2012
    Don't forget, Frostbeard's Winter Wonder Maze Ends Soon!

    Make sure you gather his frosty rewards before it's too late. These prizes are limited time only, so get to Clock Tower Square and get collecting before he leaves Ook and takes his Winter Wonder Maze with him!

  • NC Mall Limited Edition Holiday Items

    December 23rd 2012


    Tis' the season and there are great items to be had.
    The following items are all Limited Edition this year
    Make sure to pick them up soon in the NC Mall.

    Present Bomb
    Majestic Angel Wings
    Stocking Pack
    Frosty Noggin'
    Festive Holiday Costume
    Candy Cane Tail Chime
    Gingerbread Cookies
    Pattern: Coal Warrior Horned Mask
    Pattern: Coal Warrior Pants
    Pattern: Coal Warrior Shirt
    Plans: Coal Bomb
    Cheery Horns
    Merry Swoopers
    Armored Holiday Hat
    Armored Holiday Jacket
    Armored Holiday Pants
    Wild Yeti Costume

    These items will expire after the Holiday Event ends!

  • MEMBERSHIP SALE! Get Full Access to the Brand New Tribe

    December 21st 2012
    Take advantage of the 12-Month 
    Membership Sale Going on RIGHT NOW!
    That's 20% OFF the Annual Plan
    Members have full access to the brand new tribe. Get the Snowboard Dash, Protective Raider Helmet, Frostbite Battle Axe, access to the new tribe city, 
    2 trails, 1 dungeon, an epic boss battle, and tons
    of other content to explore and find! There are tons of new main quests, secondary quests, and daily quests waiting for you right now. Grab the Annual Membership and start riding!

    This Membership Sale is only valid for a Limited Time
  • Coolest Update Ever! Ice Raider are Here

    December 19th 2012
    Finally, you can explore the Icy Peaks of Z'or! Join a new tribe, be an Ice Raider. Here are the highlights of the latest update:

    A Whole New Land!
    Talk to Flit at the top of Clock Tower Square and he'll teach you all you need to know about being part of the Ice Raider Tribe, bro!

    Snowboard in Ook
    Test your skills in Snowdrift Hills, when you learn the new Snowboard Dash ability. Anyone can Snowboard so go talk to Flit in Clock Tower Square and get shreddin'!

    Battle Foulbreath the Troll
    If you explore the Ice Raider's lands, you might be asked to help battle a fierce new enemy. Remember Members can access all of Ook or buy a Ice Raiders Starter Pack to start your adventure. Click here to learn more about Membership.

    Bug Fixes & Updates
    We've also been working hard to address Unity issues and other bugs you might be seeing in game. If you spot something odd, let us know by Submitting a Bug Report.

    For the full list of updates, click here to see our "Dec Game Updates" post on the forums page.

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