Monkey Quest


  • 12/18 Game Update: New Tribe Ice Raiders, More Levels & Bug Fixes!

    December 19th 2012 This game update is all things icy. This update included:


    Ice Raiders Tribe!
    - New Characters & Quests
    - New Lands
    - Big Boss Battle
    - Ice Raiders Gear
    - 4 New Enemies Types
    - 5 more levels with cool new level up rewards
    Game Polish & Fixes
    * Tech Issues: Unity crashing issues
    * Bug Fixed: The Unity Player will crash due to out of memory when talking for the first time to Mysterious warrior and Mayor Bumbee.   
    * Bug Fixed: The Prowling Panther items have different tribal affinities   
    * Bug Fixed: Quest - R01_2_03 cannot be completed   
    * Bug Fixed: Green colored frame at the bottom border Premium Items.
    * Bug Fixed: November 28th 2012 - An Item shown from the newsletter is missing into the NC Mall.   
    * Bug Fixed: The 'Arena Challenge' quest offers too many bananas.   
    * Bug Fixed: No Voice Over for NPC Bamm for ''The Kernel Blaster'' Quest   
    * Bug Fixed: The volume of the Fire Grenade Blaster sound effect is too loud when shooting with it.   
    * Bug Fixed: The inspect window of the epic minigames still display the 'Required Membership' red text while under the effect of a Guest Pass.
    * Bug Fixed: The 'Premium Pop-Up' is hidden behind the 'Revive Me' pop-up upon clicking the 'Become a Member' button.
    * Bug Fixed: The tribe maps are referring to the old names instead of the new ones.   
    * Bug Fixed: The Shiny Red Apple is too expensive compared to the minor healing potion.   
    * Bug Fixed:  Missing letter inside Blacktail's 'The Conspirator' Quest Complete Dialogue.   
    * Bug Fixed: Ootu Mystics Tribe - Various water texture issues in several levels.   

    HELP US! We need more information to fix the bugs! Whenever you see a bug make sure you report it, please submit a bug report letting us know what you're doing, what else is running and when you experience the issues below in game or by clicking here. If the info you report helps us fix a bug we might give you a special reward.

    LET US KNOW! We always want to hear what you think. Send us your feedback or make a post on the Bugs & Feedback board to let us know what you think of the new build! What do you love? what do you wish we would change? Click here to tell us.

  • Happy Monkey Day, Warriors!  No really.. it's Monkey Day.

    Happy Monkey Day, Warriors! No really.. it's Monkey Day.

    December 14th 2012 About Monkey Day
    December 14th is International Monkey Day. Since 2000, activists for animal rights and monkey enthuisasts all over the world have been celebrating by dressing up or sharing stories about monkeys on Monday Day.

    What will you do?
    As Monkey Warriors we know you celebrate monkeykind everyday, but make sure you do something extra today! Eat some banana bread,learn about a new type of monkey or play some Monkey Quest to celebrate Monkey Day.

    FREE Monkey Day Background
    Right click or option-click the pic or link below then choose "Save Link As..." to download this image to get your celebration started.

    FREE Monkey Day Background

    Happy Monkey Day,

    -The Monkey Quest Team
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    December 12th 2012

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    Have you sent us your "A-MAZE-ING Warrior" Raffle entry yet? One lucky monkey will win a free month of Monkey Quest Membership and five others will get a special NC Item. Click here to learn how to enter!

    What are you waiting for? There will be 30 lucky winners!  Now that really is A-MAZE-ING.  You could win three months of FREE Membership or other NC Prizes! Raffle ends Dec 19th. See page for details.

    See you in Ook,

    The Monkey Quest Team
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    December 11th 2012

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  • 12/9-12/15: 15% Off Neopets Nickelodeon Game Card at Target! Redeemable on Monkey Quest

    December 10th 2012
    Don't forget: Neopets Nick Game Cards Are Redeemable on Monkey Quest!

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    December 6th 2012

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  • "Show Us Your Game Face" Raffle Winners

    December 6th 2012 Thank you all for participating in our "Show Us Your Game Face" Raffle. The winners have been randomly chosen from all the entries received! If your monkey name is listed below, we will be contacting you via our official channels to discuss details and award prizes:

    Thanks again to all the monkeys who entered! We really enjoyed your game faces and seeing such epic game scores!
    See you in Ook,

    The Monkey Quest Team
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    November 29th 2012

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