Monkey Quest


  • FREE FOR MEMBERS: November Battle Box

    November 2nd 2012

    Tribal Warrior Headdress and Tomahawk weapon
    FREE for Members until 11/30

    The monthly Battle Box for November is now out!! Go visit Clock Tower Square to get it. These hearty items will go great in an battle. You must be Level 19 to use these items.
  • Happy Halloween! "Enter If You Dare" Raffle Winners Announced

    October 31st 2012
    Happy Halloween
    Make sure you say good by to Papa Matu before he leaves tonight!
    And congrats to the "Enter If You Dare" Raffle Winners
    Thank you all for participating in our "Enter If You Dare" Raffle.
    The winners have been randomly chosen from all the entries received! If your monkey name is listed below, we will be contacting you via our official channels to discuss details:

    Have a Happy & Safe Halloween, Warriors!
    See you in OoooooOOoOOok,

    The Monkey Quest Team
  • Ask Ook Poll: Do You Use Trade Chat Item Lists?

    October 29th 2012
    We need your help!

    We're checking to see if you like and use our Trade Chat Item Lists.
    Click here to take our Ask Ook! Poll.
    Voting will be this Monday & Tuesday.
    We might remove them if you don't use them,
     so cast your vote now & let us know what YOU think.
  • Gravewing, Saberstrike, and the Zombie Attack! Arena leaving Ook soon!

    October 26th 2012

    Papa Matu is leaving Ook soon!

    With him he is taking his Haunted Graveyard, the Zombie Attack! 
    Arena, and all of the Limited Edition pets with him, including 
    Gravewing and Saberstrike!

    Members get all access to the Zombie Attack! Arena
    and Pets, so be sure to sign up before it's too late!
  • FREE FOR MEMBERS: October Battle Box

    October 21st 2012

    Ghostly Fright Blaster & Helmet available until 10/31

    The monthly Battle Box this month is still available to Members! Go visit Clock Tower Square to get it. It comes with the Ghostly Fright Blaster & Ghostly Fright Helmet. You must be Level 19 to use these items.

    Don't Forget! Members also have free access to the Zombie Attack! Arena located in Papa Matu's Haunted Graveyard. Play it multiple times to get all the rewards!

    And, as always, Members get all of these amazing benefits: All Access, Unlock All Tribes, Pets, Guest Passes, Monthly Battle Boxes, Fast Travel, Instant Receive, Weekly Banana Boxes, and Premium Emotes!
  • MINOR MYSTIC FARTULET - Level 5 and Up

    October 19th 2012

    MINOR Mystic Fartulet now available.
    Now all players Level 5 and up can 
    FART on their worst enemies!
    Only available at the NC Mall.

    Legends have long spoken of the terrible toxic gas produced from the bowels of he who wields the Mystic Fartulet. Who knew a little toot could be so deadly?
    This poisonous weapon costs 150NC and anyone Level 5 and up can get it. Just click on the NC Mall in game.
  • GRAVEWING and SABERSTRIKE Leaving Ook Soon!

    October 14th 2012
    Members, get these pets before it is too late!
    You can keep your pet forever and you can use them as long as your Membership is active.

    Visit Mogri's Mystical Pet Shop in Crossroads to get these pets today!
  • Get the Zombie Attack! Arena Key for 150NC

    October 12th 2012

    Get the Zombie Attack! Arena Key for just 150NC in the NC Mall!

    In the Zombie Attack! Arena you can get the rare Zombie costume, Papa Matu's Helmet, and other exclusive gear! 
    Beat the arena multiple times to get everything.

    The Zombie Bathogs, Zombie Arachnoids, and Zombie Monkeys are awaiting your arrival! 

    Members have access to this arena for free. Just enter the portal with your pet to battle this tough area.

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