Monkey Quest


  • FREE FOR MEMBERS: October Battle Box

    October 7th 2012
    Ghostly Fright Blaster & Helmet available until 10/31

    This October is packed with features exclusive to Members! First off, the monthly Battle Box comes with the Ghostly Fright Blaster & Ghostly Fright Helmet. You must be Level 19 to use these items.

    Members also have free access to the Zombie Attack! Arena located in Papa Matu's Haunted Graveyard. Play it multiple times to get all the rewards!

    And, as always, Members get all of these amazing benefits: All Access, Unlock All Tribes, Pets, Guest Passes, Monthly Battle Boxes, Fast Travel, Instant Receive, Weekly Banana Boxes, and Premium Emotes!
  • Papa Matu's Haunted Graveyard Appears!

    October 5th 2012

    Papa Matu's Haunted Graveyard has now opened in Ook!
    Check it out in Clock Tower Square.

    Papa Matu's has some extra spOOKy Graveyard activities this year!

    The Zombie Attack! Arena is an all new arena filled with Zombie Bathogs, Zombie Arachnoids, and Zombie Monkeys! 
    Members get in free, or you can purchase an access key in Jacko's Shop. Find him in the Graveyard to get your key.

    Before you battle zombies be sure to visit Mogri's Mystical Pet Shop, where an all new Limited Edition Pet has appeared. Gravewing is available only for a short time and it is said that his appearance has something to do with Papa Matu's arrival.

    Don't forget that all Pets can help you battle this tough arena, but only Members can have Pets.
    Click here to learn more about Membership

    Winners of the "Sea Dragon for a Day" Raffle Announced!
    Click Here to see if you won!

  • NEW Turtles Loot!

    October 4th 2012

    Hurry to Crossroads, it's go time!

    Visit the Turtle Power Monument in Crossroads every day for NEW Turtles loot! The more you visit, the more Turtles gear you collect!  It’s go time!

    Don’t forget to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Nick!
  • Pets Can Battle! Exclusively for Members

    September 29th 2012

    Exclusively For Members

    Now is the most exciting time to check out Monkey Quest Membership. All Pets of Ook will now help you in battle. Just turn their ability on with the M key and approach some enemies! Don't forget to bring your Pet food into battle because they will get hungry.

    Members get all these great features:

    All Access
    Every portal to every trail will be unlocked for you to explore, as long and you have reached that point in the main questline.

    Unlock All Tribes
    Visit any tribe any time you want, just travel to their area using the highway system.

    Monthly Battle Boxes
    You will receive free essential gear on the 1st of every month. Just visit Clock Tower Square to get it!

    Only Members can buy and use Pets. They can give you a boost to hard to reach places, open two player switches and gates for you, and now battle with you! Each Pet has a different ability so try each of them out at Mogri's Mystical Pet Shop in Crossroads.

    Fast Travel
    Open up the map, click on a location, and instantly get transported!

    Instant Revive
    You will never have to wait after getting knocked out. 

    Guest Passes
    Gift these to your closest friends so you can group and go to the same trails with your friends. Take down the evil Shadows together!

    Premium Emotes!
    Act like a monkey should at all times by using these special emotes.
  • Great New Reasons to Log In Every Day!

    September 27th 2012

    New in Ook
    This month's game update has tons of new reasons to come back every day! Here are the highlights:

    Battle Pets
    Each pet has a new ability to help you in battle and feed them snacks to boost their energy. Try them all! Remember only Members can have Pets.  Click here to learn more about Membership.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are Surfacing
    Visit the Turtle Power Monument in Crossroads Path three days in a row to get special limited time only TMNT Gear!  Don't miss out.

    Daily Monuments in Town Squares
    Find all four new Daily Monuments and get rewards for logging in every day. Loyal players will earn so much cool free gear!  Not that you needed another reason to log into Monkey Quest.

    Banana & NickCash Items

    This month the NC Mall has the Air Dragon Items will blow you away! New Hiro's Armor items are available in the Guradian Knight Monument in Crossroads Path.

    For the full list of updates, click here to see our "Sept Game Updates" post on the forums page.
  • 9/26 Game Update! Battle Pets, Turtles & Dailies

    September 27th 2012 This update is so exciting we're not sure what to share first! This update included:


    - Special Battle Abilities for all Pets
    - New Pets Gravewing(Limited Time Only) & Ripfin
    - Feed your Pets delicious food. Yum!
    Visit 4 Daily Monuments & Monument Guardians
    - Guardian Knight Monument & Derix in Clock Tower Square
    - Dragontail Monument & Sandrig in Dragontail Square
    - Mist Monument & Kiki in Chim Foo Square
    - Mama Ootu Monument & Mooni in Mystic Plaza
    Limited Time Only! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Daily Monument in Crossroads Path
    Zombie Members Only Emote
    More Character Voices: Enzo, Mogri, Kiki, Mooni, Sandrig, Derix, Jacko & Papa Matu
    Halloween Event & Zombie Arena! (Starting soon, mwahaha!)

    Game Polish & Fixes

    Tech Stuff: Feature Tracking
    Tech Stuff: Support for main and secondary events with loading screens
    Tech Stuff: More logging for connection issues & bundle download issues
    Tech Stuff: Sharder health improvements
    Bug Fixed: Cannon firing immediately
    Bug Fixed: Newbie Zone - Loss of weapon and progression due to the lost connection to server
    Bug Fixed: Equipping the Freezing Sapphire Tail Ring causes a loss of character on Live.
    Bug Fixed: CRS_highway01 - The monkey is unable to take a portal.
    Bug Fixed: The idol between the 2 swinging ropes sometimes fail to be picked up in Floating Isles.
    Bug Fixed: Legacy - CHIM_2_01A cannot be completed by users who had completed CHIM_2_01
    Bug Fixed: Mud - Walking on Mud makes the monkey walk slowly on normal ground afterwards.
    Bug Fixed: Exploit - Global - Possible to double up the effect of guest passes.
    Bug Fixed: Global - Unable to unblock monkeys as they appear as friends and already unblocked.
    Bug Fixed: Coppers Earrings of Power and the Mighty Copper Earrings are the same.
    Bug Fixed: Warrior games mentions Parachutes instead of Gliders
    Bug Fixed: The crushing pillars that are above the moving spider legs are missing sound effects.
    Bug Fixed: BON_trail01 extra collision preventing the monkey to easily jump between the mushrooms bouncers
    Bug Fixed: BON_Trail03 - The spikeball trap passes through the platform
    Bug Fixed: MiniRace01 - A specific rope fails to start from a ceiling.
    Bug Fixed: Compass/Bridge - LV_OUT_Industrial01 - The bridge icon is missing on the compass
    Bug Fixed: Saberstrike - Attack animation - The Pet fails to follow closely the monkey
    Bug Fixed: Nodax gives no text when turning in the talk to quest without the appropriate level for the next quest
    Bug Fixed: The Football items should have different tribe assignation and name to match their appearance Bug Fixed: Various items named after a tribe fails to be assigned to that tribe.
    Bug Fixed: Chim Foo Basketball items are assigned to the Sea Dragon tribe.
    Bug Fixed: The health regeneration of the spooky candies is too low.
    Bug Fixed: BON_trail04 - Blue chest at 191 23 20 does not grant any item.
    Bug Fixed: Pets graphics clipping into camera during some NPC camera zoom in.
    Bug Fixed: The monkey appears beside the portal of Blimp Ridge after traveling from there.
    Bug Fixed: A quick jump over a Pet that just got into the trampoline position will fail.
    Bug Fixed: It is possible to use a coop jump and access restricted areas left to the Mek-Tek sign.
    Bug Fixed: A wrong Chef vendor icon is displayed on top of all Chef vendor in the game.
    Bug Fixed: The Decorations wearable should all have Lv 1 as required level.
    Bug Fixed: The Backpack ID is used for the monkey's inventory and the monkey's back gear piece.
    Bug Fixed: Groot refers to Wink as ''Wick'' during the Council of Smoke quest

    HELP US! We need more information to fix the bugs! If you have more info on any of these, please submit a bug report leting us know what you're doing, what else is running and when you experience the issues below in game or by clicking here. If the info you report helps us fix a bug we might give you a special reward.

    Bug: Game controls delay while jumping or firing weapons.
    Bug: Controls not responding in game (CVBN or Jumping)

    LET US KNOW! We always want to hear what you think. Send us your feedback or make a post on the Bugs & Feedback board to let us know what you think of the new build! What do you love? what do you wish we would change? Click here to tell us.

  • MEMBERS ONLY: Free Sea Dragons Battle Box This Month Only!

    September 23rd 2012

    FREE For Members!!

    Members now get the Sea Monster Hat, Sea Monster Beard, and the Fire Grenade Blaster this month! It is available until 9/30. You must be level 27 to use these piratey items.

    Other benefits of Memebrship include: All Access, Unlock All Tribes, Pets, Fast Travel, Instant Revive, Guest Passes, and Premium Emotes! Check it out now for a special introductory price.
  • MEMBERS BEWARE! Battle is about to change!

    September 21st 2012
    Battling as you know it is about the change!
    Get ready for a big update coming soon.
    Be prepared, get your Membership today.

    With Membership you will have ALL Access to this big battle update. You'll also get access to Pets, Battle Boxes, Guest Passes, Fast Travel, Instant Revive, Premium Emotes, Access to all of Ook, and Access to all the Tribes!

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