Monkey Quest


  • AYE! International Talk Like a Pirate Day be Today!

    September 19th 2012
    Aye Mateys! Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!
    Bust out yer piratey gear and head over to Dragontail Square.
    Pillage through the NC Mall for yer Sea Dragons loot.
    Member Only goods available only til the calendar strikes 9/30.

    Arr.. the scalliwags be afoot. Be a Sea Dragon or else.

  • It Be Sea Dragon Week!

    September 17th 2012

    Do you love adventure, loot and cannon fire? Then you might be a Sea Dragon, matey!   All this week we are celebrating the Sea Dragon way of life, so grab a sword and get chart a course for fun.

    Get closer to the Sea Dragons by questing with Hardtack in Clock Tower Square. If you play your cards right you might meet the famous Captain Blacktail, the kernel blasting rouge who is both feared and loved by all Sea Dragons.

    Then click below to enter our "Sea Dragon for a Day" Membership Raffle

  • Looking for More? Learn More about Membership

    September 16th 2012

    Looking for MORE?

    With Membership you get: All Access, Unlock All Tribes, Monthly Battle Boxes, Pets, Fast Travel, Instant Revive, Guest Passes, and Premium Emotes!
    Don't forget that Saberstrike is a limited edition pet. Get him while you can or he might get away.
  • NEW ITEMS: Gothic Items & Fists of Air

    September 14th 2012

    New Items added to the NC Mall!

    The Fists of Air, Gothic Sword, and Gothic Wings are now available at the NC Mall. You must be level 43 to equip the Fists of Air and the Gothic items require level 13. Be a hero and take down the evil minions of Ka with these high powered weapons!

    September 7th 2012
    New Items added to the NC Mall!

    Members now get the Sea Monster Hat, Sea Monster Beard, and the Fire Grenade Blaster this month! It is available until 9/30. You must be level 27 to use these piratey items.
    Other benefits of Memebrship include: All Access, Unlock All Tribes, Pets, Fast Travel, Instant Revive, Guest Passes, and Premium Emotes! Check it out now for a special introductory price.
  • Last Chance! Get 20% Off Neopets Game Cards at Target

    September 7th 2012
    Last Chance to Get 20% Off Neopets Nickelodeon Game Cards at Target®

    Sale Ending Soon! It’s your last chance to get 20% off Neopets Nickelodeon Game Cards at Target®. The sale ends Saturday, September 8th, so hurry! Neopets Game Cards can be used of cool NC Mall items and Redeemed for Membership on any Nick Games Site including Monkey Quest!

  • MIGHTY BURP CAN Now Available in the NC Mall

    September 4th 2012
    The Mighty Burp Can is now available in the NC Mall!

    Stun your enemies with a smelly roaring belch. Just one sip of this soda will send your enemies scurrying for cover. You must be Level 16 to use this Epic special weapon. It costs 175NC.

    If you don't have enough NC you can always buy more online or buy Nick Game Cards at select retailers in certain countries. Click here to see where you can buy Game Cards.
  • LAST CHANCE! This Weekend Only! Log In for Your FREE Guest Pass!

    September 3rd 2012
    If you log into Monkey Quest this weekend you'll earn a FREE Guest Pass!

    What will YOU use your Guest Pass for?
    This 24 hrs of access you can Join a Tribe, complete a quest, explore new lands and more! There's tons to do when you can explore all of Ook. Get a sneak peek of what it it like to be a Member with this exclusive gift.

    Don't Miss it!
    This offer is Limited Time Only, so make sure you log in this weekend to get your Guest Pass.

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