Monkey Quest


  • Members can get the Limited Edition Saberstrike!

    August 20th 2012

    Only Members can equip Pets.

    Members get many benefits in Ook including All Access, Unlock All Tribes, Monthly Battle Boxes, Fast Travel, Instant Revive, Guest Passes, and Premium Emotes. 

    Hurry up or you may miss the Limited Edition Saberstrike! Get him while he is available and you can keep him as long as you are a Member.
  • MYSTIC FARTULET! Not Silent, But Deadly!

    August 17th 2012

    New! Mystic Fartulet available in the NC Mall.

    Legends have long spoken of the terrible toxic gas produced from the bowels of he who wields the Mystic Fartulet.

    This Poisonous weapon costs 175NC and requires a Level 24 monkey. Click on the NC Mall in the game to find it.
  • Reward Yourself with NickCash & A New Pet

    August 17th 2012

    New in Ook
    There's even more reasons to get social in this month's game update! Here are the highlights:

    New Pet Saberstrike
    Time to strut your stuff with a new Member Only Pet! You your own for a Limited Time at Mogri's Mystical Pet Shop in Crossroads Path Click here to learn more about Membership.

    Earn Items and NC Everytime You Level
    Leveling is even more fun now that you earn items and Nickcash for getting to the next level.   Earn XP then take your new NickCash and go shopping at the NC Mall!

    More Banana & NC Mall Items
    This month the NC Mall has the Champion Warrior Battle Pack & Mystic Fartulet to help you survive any trail! A new helmet is available for bananas in at Dillon's Shop in Crossroads Path.

    Play Before Creating an Account
    No need to sign up, get started right away. You will need to create a free account to save your progress though.

    For the full list of updates, click here to see our "Aug Game Updates" post on the forums page.
  • 8/15 Game Update! Free NC, New Pet & Smelly New NC Items

    August 17th 2012 There's something for every monkey in the game update this month. This update included:

    Saberstrike the newest limited time only pet.
    Get NC & Banana items when you level up!
    Play Monkey Quest before registering or creating an account
    New Banana Items at Dillons Shop
    New NC Items
    including the new Mystic Fartulet.

    Game Polish & Fixes

    Bug Fixed: The camera gets stuck when completing an arena.
    Bug Fixed: Poison Poppers do not generate any poison damage over time.
    Bug Fixed:Attempting to upgrade the membership from the Manage Membership menu produces blank boxes.
    Bug Fixed:Oootu  Revive monkey location occurs for a specific arena.
    Bug Fixed:Trading - Possible to accept a trade invite for another user without their consent by pressing the SPACE BAR key while sending the invite.
    Bug Fixed: The monkey can use Coop Jump and Guardian Crest to go Out of World.
    Bug Fixed: Camera/Quests - Global - The 'Talk To' quests causes the camera to be zoomed in and stuck on NPCs.
    Bug Fixed:User is logged into someone else user name and can't log into their own account.
    Bug Fixed: Some users are unable to log in or enter the game.
    Bug Fixed: Quests/Blocker  objectives are not completed prevents the user from turning in quest.
    Bug Fixed: Some won wearables from the minigames are lost upon relogging in the game.
    Bug Fixed: Camera does not follow monkey after an arena is completed.
    Bug Fixed:Newbie Zones Third barrel in the row doesn't show up, but the prompt for the barrel shows up.
    Bug Fixed: Best time text should be scaled up slightly.
    Bug Fixed:Torch's Frenzy: When playing with a single monkey there is an extra camera cut.
    Bug Fixed:Torch's Frenzy Companion event currently occurs after tutorial. Should occur before.
    Bug Fixed: Newbvie Zone The monkey can goes behind the stairs after saving the chameleon.
    Bug Fixed: Blue Bubbles gathered during ''Bubbles and Ebulience'' quest have a Place Holder in the Inventory.
    Bug Fixed: The poison VFX remain on screen where a defeated enemy was located.
    Bug Fixed:place holder text from Lumba occurs when validating the quest 'Cleaning the Mess'.
    Bug Fixed:The monkey that has been invited to the group is unable to leave the group.
    Bug Fixed:The user's HUD can display another party member's health bar.
    Bug Fixed: The loot reel is missing sound effects.
    Bug Fixed: A monkey remains on the portal on the group leader's screen.
    Bug Fixed: Pet stops the reaction animation when users spams a ranged weapons
    Bug Fixed:One of the quest reward item level is not appropriate to the quest level.
    Bug Fixed: The monkey can access a forbidden area by jumping with coop jump or pet.
    Bug Fixed: User can fall into one the floating platform
    Bug Fixed: The 'You've recieved a gift' message and audio sometimes trigger twice when clicking on a gift box.
    Bug Fixed: Chim Foo Trail The number of required monkeys is inaccurate in the quest window.
    Bug Fixed: The super-sized bouncers disappear when see the monkey is at a certain distance.
    Bug Fixed: Terod's generic dialogue doesn't make sense since he isn't in a city anymore.
    Bug Fixed: The Aged Guardian Fragment and Ancient Guardian Fragment cannot be found anywhere, preventing some users from crating the minigame wearables.
    Bug Fixed: Horn of Heroism - The Horn grants very little boost to stats when used.
    Bug Fixed: 3D compass when changing quest above ground in Mushroom Hollow.
    Bug Fixed: It is possible to go through the crates and the rock on the platform at the left most side of the level.
    Bug Fixed: The item 'Mega Glyph of Defense' can not be found in game.
    Bug Fixed: Mouse over info box incorrectly triggers on Get Access buttons of membership portals.
    Bug Fixed: Argus Daily Quest is displayed under the Secondary tab instead of the Daily tab in the quest journal.
    Bug Fixed: The Argus questline is not displayed in the Questline Map.
    Bug Fixed: An unexpected action of the monkey makes the camera steps down.
    Bug Fixed: Confusing instructions given by compass during Honing Your Skills quest.
    Bug Fixed: The ''ceremonial skirt of the guardian'' is stretching when a monkey is on the podium of The Warrior Games
    Bug Fixed: Camera should be centered when player talks to Mysterious Warrior for the first time.
    Bug Fixed:  Glowing from left and right hand side of winning podium to be removed.
    Bug Fixed: Scene lighting looks washed out.
    Bug: Multiple monkeys on the same step in Mini-Game podium.
    Bug:Place Holder Icon (White P) for the Pinneapple Drink Quest Item in Inventory
    Bug:The compass should not be visible in the Mini-Game Hub.
    Bug: The monkey can stand on an invisible stair.
    Bug:Wrong quest item name in the inventory while doing the quest The Courage Juice.
    Bug:In the Map menu, all the road lines appear pixelated.
    Bug: Voice overs are hard to hear when playing with speakers.

    HELP US! We need more information to fix the bugs! If you have more info on any of these, please submit a bug report leting us know what you're doing, what else is running and when you experience the issues below in game or by clicking here. If the info you report helps us fix a bug we might give you a special reward.

    Bug: Cannon firing immediately
    Bug: Game controls delay while jumping or firing weapons.
    Bug: Controls not responding in game (CVBN or Jumping)

    LET US KNOW! We always want to hear what you think. Send us your feedback or make a post on the Bugs & Feedback board to let us know what you think of the new build! What do you love? what do you wish we would change? Click here to tell us.

  • Enter the "XP Expert" Raffle & You Might Win a Month of Membership!

    August 15th 2012

    (Click the image above to learn about the "XP Expert" Raffle.)

    Have you sent us your "XP Expert" Raffle entry yet? One lucky monkey will win a free month of Monkey Quest Membership and five others will get a special NC Item. Click here to learn how to enter!

    After you enter, check out some of the great screenshots we've already received here: "XP Expert" Raffle Entries. What are you waiting for? You could win one month of FREE Membership or other NC Prizes! Raffle ends Aug 26th. See page for details.

    See you in Ook,

    The Monkey Quest Team
  • Limited Time Membership Sale! Special Offer Intro Price

    August 9th 2012

    Now for a Limited Time Only Membership is on sale for a special intro price of $4.95/£3.45! Click here to become a Member. 

    With Membership you get: All Access, Unlock All Tribes, Monthly Battle Boxes, Pets, Fast Travel, Instant Revive, Guest Passes, and Premium Emotes! So many reasons to be a Member.

    Don't pass this special offer up, it will expire soon.
  • New NC Items Available! Gorilla Warrior Items

    August 8th 2012

    New Gorilla Items available in the NC Mall. 

    Get the brand new Gorilla Pound Gloves to complete your collection! Also now available in the NC Mall are the Gorilla Battle Armor and Gorilla Thump Stick! Be a Gorilla Warrior and thump the shadows down.

    Make sure you check out all the special items available in the NC Mall. Access the Mall by clicking on the NC Mall bag icon on your screen when playing the game.
  • Monthly Battle Box: DAREDEVIL HELMET & BLASTER

    August 5th 2012

    Members now get the Daredevil Helmet & Daredevil Blaster! This Battle Box is available free to Members only until August 31st. Get it now! Click here to become a Member. 

    You must be level 26 to use these explosive items. Please do not try them at home (but in Ook is ok!)

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