Monkey Quest


  • (POLL CLOSED) Ask Ook! Poll: YOU Choose Our Next Pet

    July 13th 2012
    Want to hep us pick which Pet we make next? Click here to take our Ask Ook! Poll. We will be taking votes all this weekend, so cast your vote now to get your favorite Pet into Ook!
  • LAST CHANCE! Go show off your Super Samurai skills.

    July 7th 2012
    It’s your LAST CHANCE to show off your Super Samurai skills! The Power Rangers Arena Challenge ends Tuesday, so head to Crossroads and look for the Power Ranger monkey, take the portal to the Power Rangers arena, and battle for exclusive prizes before they’re gone for good!

    July 1st 2012

    Time to heat up the summer with this cool Ferocious Fish Battle Box. It is exclusive to Members for the month of July only! You will receive the Sea Predator Helmet and the Ferocious Piranha Blaster along with all the other great Membership benefits this month.

    Click here to become a Member today. Members have all access to the World of Ook, get monthly collectibles, can use pets, have exclusive emotes, can fast travel anywhere on the map, and more! Discover all the benefits of Membership! The first month for new Members is just $6.95.
  • NEW! Get Free Booster Packs from Nick Game Cards!

    June 29th 2012
    Now when you redeem a Nick Game Card you will either receive a free Bomb Booster Pack or a Health Booster Pack!
    The Bomb Booster Pack contains 15 bombs (5 Boom Bombs, 5 Pepper Poppers, and 5 Major Boom Bombs)
    The Health Booster pack contains 9 health items (3 Major Rejuvenation Potions, 3 Key Lime Pies, and 3 Super Rejuvenation Potions)

    Click here to Find the nearest store near you. Redeem your card today to receive these free items in addition to its redemption value!

    Note: This excludes the exclusive Monkey Quest Card from GameStop. When you redeem any Monkey Quest Game Card from GameStop you will receive the exclusive GameStop Cobra Crossbow instead of a Booster Pack.

    June 25th 2012
    Hey Heroes! Right now you can get $5 off a $25 Monkey Quest Game Card exclusively at GameStop. With this card you will get 2,500 NC + 150 BONUS NC!

    When you redeem this card on the Monkey Quest Redeem Nick Game Card page you will receive the GameStop exclusive Cobra Crossbow weapon. Strike down the Shadows with lightning-fast accuracy with this high-powered poisonous crossbow.

    This sale price is only valid from 6/25-7/15 so hurry into GameStop while supplies last!
    Click here to find a GameStop near you.

    *Redeeming this card is the ONLY way to receive the Cobra Crossbow
  • FISTS OF TERRA Now Available

    June 22nd 2012
    Get the Fists of Terra and become the ultimate hero! Use these earth-shattering fists to take down the shadows and demons of Ka using the power of the Ootu Mystics. You must be Level 45 to epic these epic fists.

    They are only available in the NC Mall. Click here to learn more about NC.

  • 6/21 Game Update! Hear the Monkeys of Ook and more..

    June 21st 2012 We've got some great game updates for you in the second update this month! This update included:

    Our monkeys have voices!  We've added audio for main quest monkeys.
    Our Free New Rippin' Rocket Blaster giveaway is out on the 25th!
    New NC Items: 3 Tribe Faces and 2 New Weapons
    Tribe Starter Packs are now giftable in the NC Mall
    New NC Card redeem gifts too

    Game Polish & Fixes

    Bug Fixed: Anchor Falls platform fails to raise after hitting the switch

    HELP US! We need more information to fix the bugs! If you have more info on any of these, please submit a bug report leting us know what you're doing, what else is running and when you experience the issues below in game or by clicking here. If the info you report helps us fix a bug we might give you a special reward.

    Bug: Game Freezes
    Bug: Cannon firing immediately
    Bug: Game controls delay while jumping or firing weapons.
    Bug: Controls not responding in game (CVBN or Jumping)

    LET US KNOW! We always want to here what you think. Send us your feedback or make a post on the Bugs & Feedback board to let us know what you think of the new build! What do you love? what do you wish we would change? Click here to tell us.

  • Pets Discovered in Ook!

    June 14th 2012
    Morgi, Mayor Bumbee's most experienced scout has returned with a marvelous discovery! These ancient creatures have returned from Ook's past.   Legends say that during the ancient Shadow Wars, magical creatures appeared to help fight against Ka & his minions. Looks like they are back!  Loch and the Underbelly Mek-Tek's are studying the new creatures but we still have much to learn about what they can do..

    Members can now own their very own Pet! Find Mogri's shop in the Crossroads Path see what creatures she's been able to train.  So far we've learned Pets can help you unlock 2x Monkey Areas, complete quests, give you daily xp boots & travel the highways of Ook with you! Click here to learn more about Membership.

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