Monkey Quest


  • Visit Brokk's Battle Shop for all the latest weapons

    May 7th 2012
    Hey Heroes! The latest weapons in Ook have arrived! Go visit Brokk's Battle Shop in Hovering Markets to view his new selections. 

    He is offering a variety of both Banana weapons and NC weapons. Explore Ook to earn bananas and Click here to learn more about NC.
  • WOODLAND ARCHER Items Now Available!

    May 27th 2012

    The complete Woodland Archer items are now available at the NC Mall! Protect the innocent and show the Shadows that you are a hero! You must be Level 15 to use these accurate items.

    They are only available at the NC Mall. Click here to purchase NC.

  • SURVIVAL PACKS: Perfect for a monkey in action!

    April 30th 2012

    New Survival Packs now available at the NC Mall! These packs are perfect for a monkey in action as they contain everything you need in the heat of battle. They contain bombs, poppers, food, and potions, and there is one for every level! Check them out today - Click here to purchase NC.

    The Basic Survival Pack is 150NC and is recommended for monkeys level 1-10. 

    The Advanced Survival Pack is 250NC and is recommended for monkeys level 5-20. 

    The Ultimate Survival Pack is 350NC and is recommended for monkeys level 12-30. 

  • FREE Monkey Quest Thunderbow App Now Available in iTunes

    April 27th 2012
    Get the FREE Monkey Quest Thunderbow App today & unlock and exclusive weapon for!

    Blast zombies, scorpions and mummies to smithereens in this epic mobile adventure.  Use your bow and arrow to fight evil and rise to ultimate victory. Hold on tight and experience destruction on an epic scale in Thunderbow!
    Now available in the iTunes App Store. 

  • Get Social Monkeys! Show Off with New Items, New Emotes & Tribe Icons!

    April 25th 2012
    New in Ook
    There's even more reasons to get social in this month's game update! Here are the highlights:

    Show Off with Tribe Icons & Exclusive Members Only Emotes!
    Time to strut your stuff with four new Member Only emotes! If that's not enough, your Tribe Icon is now visible next your monkey's name! Spot fellow Chim Foos, Sea Dragons & Ootu Mystics at a glance and then do the robot, fly around, do a few chim foo moves or do your best bombird imitation! Click here to learn more about Membership.

    More Banana & NC Mall Items!
    This month the NC Mall has the Crimson Storm Battle Pack, Bird of Prey Helmet, Swamp Menace Mace & new Survival Packs filled with gear to help you survive any trail! New for bananas we have the lvl 49 Swirling Crystal Staff at Brokk's Shop in Hovering Markets

    Play Full Screen & Check Out Our Loading Screens!
    Now you can choose to play full screen and have your settings saved each time you play!  We've also updated our loading screens, fixed a ton of bugs and make updates to our tutorial level for new players.

    For the full list of updates, click here to see our "May Game Updates" post on the forums page.
  • 4/24 Game Updates - Get Social, Health Items Boosted, New Banana & NC Items+more!

    April 25th 2012 We've got some great game updates for you this month! This update included:

    * 4 Members Only Emotes!
    * Tribe Identity Icon by Player Name
    * Screen Size Selection Prompts
    * Loading Screen Updates
    * NC Item - Crimson Storm Battle Pack with Crimson Storm Wrists Bonus Item
    * NC Item - Bird of Prey Helmet
    * NC Item - Swamp Menace Mace
    * NC Item - Survival Packs
    * Banana Item - Swirling Crystal Staff (Lvl 49 at Brokk's Shop!)

    Game Polish & Fixes
    * Tutorial Zone Improvements
    * Healing Items Boosted: Shiny Red Apple, Dried Banana Bits, Bombird Beans, Banana Milkshake, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Rejuvenation Potion, Ice Cream Cone,
    * Bug Fixed: Fatal Content Error
    * Bug Fixed:Parental Control Center Chat Settings
    * Bug Fixed:User now able to turn the papper-doll monkey in an npc shop inspect window.
    * Bug Fixed:Play button now grey on in game page
    * Bug Fixed:Daily Harvest - An already harvested item no longer displays the CTRL prompt.
    * Bug Fixed:Compass disappearing when entering the Spider Cave
    * Bug Fixed: The FX sound is missing when the monkey collect a specific Pink Reed and a specific Blue Worm.
    * Bug Fixed: Opening the Quest journal while receiving the gift cause the loss of the gift.
    * Bug Fixed: The FX sound is missing when the monkey collect a specific Dragonfly.
    * Bug Fixed: Hiro Headdress is not awarded to some accounts.
    * Bug Fixed: Monkey will get potions or gear from all packs in the backpack once one of them is opened.

    HELP US! We need more information to fix the bugs!

    If you have more info on any of these, please submit a bug report
    leting us know what you're doing, what else is running and when you experience the issues below in game or by clicking here.

    * Bug: Game Freezes
    * Bug: Game controls delay while jumping or firing weapons.
    * Bug: Controls not responding in game
    * Bug: Quests not being recognized as completed

  • CENTURION PACK: Take Command and be in Charge!

    April 20th 2012

    The Centurion Outfit is for monkeys who want to take command and be in charge! Get this pack at the NC Mall for only 250NC. You must be Level 10 to equip all of the Centurion items. The pack comes with the Centurion Helmet, Centurion Chestplate, Centurion Kilt of Stomping, and the exclusive bonus Centurion Wrists! Complete your outfit today - Click here to purchase NC.

  • 10,000,000 Warriors Fight for Ook, Claim Your Reward!

    10,000,000 Warriors Fight for Ook, Claim Your Reward!

    April 16th 2012 Good work, Monkeys! Ook now has over 10,000,000 Warriors and we couldn’t have done it without you. Your growing numbers have impressed the brave monkey warrior, Hiro Mightypaw, and he is giving you his headdress a reward for defending Ook against evil.

    Claim Your Reward
    Be sure to visit Clock Tower Square before April 30th to get your gift box and wear Hiro’s Headdress proudly, as a true protector of Ook. 

    Gather in Clocktower Square this Saturday, April 21st at 12pm PST/3pm EST
    to celebrate your success! Hiro Mightpaw himself is looking forward to thanking you all.

    Keep up the good fight and keep recruiting your friends to help out as well.  We know with your help, Ka doesn’t stand a chance.  Thanks for playing Monkey Quest and remember we can’t make this game without you.  
    We’d love to hear from you!  Send us your feedback here.

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