Monkey Quest


  • Complete your Grizzly Adventure Outfit!

    April 14th 2012

    Complete your Grizzly Adventure Outfit with the epic Axe and Hat! Now available at the NC Mall. You must be level 23 to equip the Grizzly Adventure items. Click here to purchase NC.

  • It's Friday the 13th! Better Wear Some Lucky Eyebrows

    April 13th 2012
    Be wary of black cats, ladders and broken mirrors today, Warriors.  The Ootus usually stay inside on days like this, but if you venture out, make sure you bring extra healing potions and wear heavy armor just in case!  Now that you've been warned, get in there and get to battle.
  • Members Receive Exclusive Benefits!

    April 9th 2012 Get exclusive benefits for being a Member! Click here to find out about our special offer for first time Members!

    Member go further without having to wait and get to explore the entire World of Ook! Access all trails, Fast Travel through Ook, Instantly Revive, get monthly Battle Boxes, and get weekly Banana Allowances. With our Special Offer, now is the best time to become a Member! Click here to sign up.

  • New NC Mall Items! The latest and greatest in Ook...

    April 6th 2012
    Hey Monkeys! New NC Mall Items are now available! Click on the NC Mall icon within the game, or click here to purchase NC.

    The newest items are some of the most powerful! Check out the Beetle Launcher, Mantis Helmet, Doom Popper, Poisonous Scorpion Sword, Grizzly Adventure Hat, and Grizzly Adventure Axe today! Or choose your favorite Tribe shield!
  • 4/5 Game Update: Monkey Quest - Now With Fewer Pop Ups!

    April 5th 2012 See Ya Later, Game Pop Up!
    We've made another update to make Monkey Quest easier to play. You can now play Monkey Quest without the extra pop-up game window. It's the same cool game, but in fewer windows!  So check it out next time you play. 

    Also while we have you, below are a few tips on how to get the best game play set up for Monkey Quest:
    Tips for Getting the Best Out of Monkey Quest:

    * Close Unnecessary Programs - The less extra stuff you have running while you play, the better the game will run. So close extra browsers, other games and anything you won't need while playing Monkey Quest.

    * Make Sure Your Computer Meets Our Minimum Specifications - Your computer needs to be at least as fast as listed in our FAQ to run the game on low graphic quality settings.   Check to make sure your computer meets this standard here.

    * Send Us Bugs & Feedback- While you're playing if you see any bugs, if your system slows down or if you just want to tell us what you think, write us a ticket by clicking the cog wheel in the tool tray in game or clicking here!

    See you in Ook,
    The Monkey Quest Team

  • Members Only April Battle Box! Available through 4/30

    April 2nd 2012

    Members this month get the rare Gorilla Battle Items! This Battle Box is packed with the Gorilla Thump Stick and Gorilla Battle Armor! 

    Suit up like an angry ape. There's tough, then there's gorilla tough! You must be Level 17 to use these exclusive items.

    With Membership you get more out of Ook. Members get access to all locked trails, a weekly banana allowance, exclusive weapons, and can now fast travel and instantly revive! Get a Membership today and experience the benefits. Click here to learn more about Membership.
  • Nickelodeon Game Card Sale!

    March 30th 2012

    For two days only (3/30-3/31), Nickelodeon Game Cards will be on sale at Toys “R” Us®! You can head over there to pick up $10 and $25 cards for 20% off. Click to find a store near you!

  • New Event! Raid Nests for Daily Prizes in Crossroads Path

    March 28th 2012

    It's Bombird nesting season and Ook needs YOUR help! Search around the Crossroads for Bombird nests filled with stolen loot and prizes. There's lots to loot to collect. Raid daily to become the Ultimate Nest Raider! This event is limited time only, don't miss it.

    Happy Ook Day Raffle Winners Announced:
    Click here to see if you've WON! Thank you all for participating in our "Happy Ook Day" Raffle.  The winners have been randomly chosen from all the entries received! If your monkey name is listed below, we will be contacting you via our official channels to discuss details.

    New in Ook
    This month's game update has a ton of improvments! Here are the highlights:

    Switch Your Tribe!
    If you joined a tribe and changed your mind you can now change tribes in your Badge Book after talking to that new tribe's leader and filling one tribal badge. Click here to read our Tribe FAQ for more info.

    NC Mall has new weapons, helmets and new lower prices!

    You asked for it and we listened! The NC Mall has even better deals and even more weaponry to help you in battle. Also you can now gift item packs to your fellow monkeys for when you're feeling generous.

    Max Level Increased to 60 & High Level Banana Weapons
    For Ook's most elite warriors, we have new banana weaponry and even more levels to earn. Race you to level 60!

    For the full list of updates, click here to see our "3/27 Game Updates" post on the news page.

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