Monkey Quest


  • Game Updates - Change Your Tribe, Level Up, Raid Nests & Adjust Your SFX Settings

    March 28th 2012 We've got some great game updates for you this month! This update included:
    * Switch your tribe from your Badge Book!
    * Better New Player Tutorials for Map, Quest Journal & Badges
    * Increased Level Cap to 60!
    * Raid Nests all month - Nest Raiders Event
    * SFXs can now be turned off in the settings screen
    * New NC & Banana items - including two new banana weapons!
    * You can now gift packs from the NC Mall

    Game Polish & Fixes
    * Inspect rollovers removed for NPC & HUD Inspects only appear on idle
    * Monsters power stats have been adjusted
    * Scrying Orb duration has been increased.
    * Bug Fixed: Level Decreased. Fixed 3/28.
    * Bug Fixed: Crossroads Path lock out. Fixed 3/28.
    * Bug Fixed:
    During the build, your monkey lost a level. We're fixed that 3/28.
    * Bug Fixed: Player is unable to reach the platform to Mama Ootu's spirit.
    * Bug Fixed: Mama Babu's Tribe Welcome message contains text errors.
    * Bug Fixed: The Ootu solo arena timer remains too long.
    * Bug Fixed: Floating rocks inside the Arena of Overlook Cliff
    * Bug Fixed: The inspect windows for the Tribe keys display extra info.
    * Bug Fixed:  The magma crawler will disappear in the cave for an amount of time while doing its patrol.

    HELP US! We need more data to fix the bugs below. 
    If you have more info on any of these, please submit a bug report by clicking here.

    * Bug:  Play session not saved on logout, items & quests lost.
    * Bug:  Game fatal error in Stone Gardens
    * Bug:  Jump key stops responding in certain play sessions.

  • Members Have Access To All Tribe Items & Abilities!

    March 23rd 2012
    Monkey Quest Members Receive 
    All Tribe Items and Abilities!

    Members can get them all for just the price of Membership. When you go to meet a Tribe Leader you will receive that Tribe's ability, weapon, and hat in your Backpack. Click here to become a Member today!

    *If you haven't met the Tribe Leaders yet, then keep questing until Mayor Bumbee lets you choose your Tribe. She will send you on your way. You must then enter each Tribe area to receive the items.
  • Happy Ook Day! Daily Prizes & New Free Membership Raffle

    March 17th 2012 Monkey Quest is one year old today!  Time flies when your fighting evil. Make sure to visit the Ook Day Jack-in-the-Box to celebrate or enter our latest Free Membership Raffle.

    Visit Daily for Limited Edition Prizes
    While you're there, use the orange birthday Jack-in-the-Box. If you're lucky you'll get a rare prizes like the Jitterbug Tail Ring or at least a piece of Monkey King Cake to munch on. But it won't last!  You only have until 3/26, then it'll be gone!

    Enter Our Trivia Ook Day Trivia Raffle
    Answer a few questions about Ook and you might be eligible to win a Month of FREE Monkey Quest Membership!  Click here to learn more.

    As we celebrate Ook Day we want to thank you all for making it the best first year ever.   We couldn't do it without you, Monkey Warriors!  We look forward to the many years of monkey business to come.

    See you in Ook,
    The Monkey Quest Team
  • Choose Your Tribe! Which Will You Join?

    Choose Your Tribe! Which Will You Join?

    March 15th 2012

    Join a Tribe & Choose Wisely...  
    Monkeys can now choose to join their favorite a tribe! Talk to a Tribe's Leader to join their ranks. To get started, you'll need to prove yourself to tribe leaders by questing for Mayor Bumbee. You can only join ONE tribe and cannot switch for now. 

    Which Will You Join?
    Adventurous monkeys should see the Sea Dragons.
    Stealthy Warriors, should join the Chim Foo.
    If you like magic, the Ootu Mystics are your tribe!

    Get Started - Tribe Starter Packs (Members get all THREE!)
    Once you're ready, you can visit a Tribe's lands with NickCashTribe Starter Packs. Become a Member to get all three starter packs!
    You will be offered these special packs when you are ready to visit a Tribe's land. Each Tribal Starter Pack contains:

    *Special Tribe Exclusive Weapon
    *Exclusive Tribe Wearable
    *Special Tribal Ability
    *2 Trails Keys

    There are three to collect!  Chim Foo, Ootu and Sea Dragons.
    Click here to learn more about NickCash.

    See the FAQ for more info on Tribes.

  • Tech Update: Levels Returned & Healing Staff Healed!

    March 15th 2012 On Wednesday night (3/14) we made some quick fixes to Monkey Quest. read more to find out what we've been busy fixing. This update included:

    *Tribe Selection Pop Up -A pop up will now appear for players letting them know they can choose a tribe.  
    *Tribal Items Pop Up - A pop up will appear when entering a tribal area for the first time, showing players the items received for exploring that tribal area.
    *Lost Levels returned! If you were down a level, notice you're level has returned.
    *Fix for application start call failing.  If you were having trouble entering the game, you should be okay now.
    *Healing staff stats boosted - Now with more healing!
    *Chim Foo rooftop key issue fix – Players in the Path of Chim Foo who don’t have this key should be able to purchase it at the portal.
    *Deep Swamp Arena fixed.  

    If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this issue, please write our support team by writing in here:

    We hope you enjoy the updates!

    See you in Ook,

    The Monkey Quest Team
  • Game Updates - Free Elixirs to Help You Level Up!

    March 9th 2012 On Thursday night we made some game updates to Monkey Quest.  This update included:
    *Improvements to your backpack. tribes, skill points & Quest Journal
    *Balancing item stats & increasing hit points
    *Questline Bug Fixes

    Unfortunately, you may see a few glitches...

     We are going to be making fixes early next week, but  we want to help in in the meantime. When you login you will have three FREE Major Elixir of Wisdom potions in your backpack. These potions will help you gain experience faster, so you'll be back to your original level before you know it.

    As for weapons and stats..

    Simplified stats aren't weaker stats, it really is updated to give you a stronger monkey. (Check your hit point they are way up!)  The weapons are much stronger in their new elemental category and the Badges system will allow you to increase your stats uniformly as you progress through the game. Check the FAQ's for more on Tribes & Badges. Also Healer's don't worry, we'll be increasing the Healing Staff as well.

    If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this issue, please write our support team by clicking here.
    Thanks for your understanding. We hope you enjoy the new and improved Monkey Quest.

    See you in Ook!

    The Monkey Quest Team
  • FREE blinged-out KCA Blimp Helmet

    March 8th 2012

    Yo, Kids’ Choice Awards fans!  There’s a new blimp-y Blimp Box waiting for you in Ook!  Click on it and be awarded a FREE blinged-out Blimp Helmet.  Don’t forget to go to to vote for your faves!
  • "I Love Ook" Raffle Winners

    March 7th 2012
    Thank you all for participating in our "I Love Ook" Raffle. The winners have been randomly chosen from all the entries received! If your monkey name is listed below, we will be contacting you via our official channels to discuss details:

    Congratulations to Paloop Hopehunterfor winning the "I Love Ook" Raffle Grand Prize - One Month of Membership!

    Congratulations to "I Love Ook" Raffle Runner Ups who will all receive a Healer's Radiant Shield: Nick Bronzefur, Avi Cocoride, Chaz Rockwarrior, Betty Wildvision and Andrew Jadedscale

    Thanks again to all the monkeys who entered! We really enjoyed seeing the places you love in Ook! See you in Ook,

    The Monkey Quest Team

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