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  • Members Only March Battle Box! Lucky Items

    March 2nd 2012
    Members this month get the rare Happy-Go-Lucky Items! This Battle Box is packed with the Happy-Go-Lucky Helmet and matching Happy-Go-Lucky Brows and Chops and also comes with the devestaing Lucky Club!

    Don't give enemies a fighting chance with these new Lucky Items. Level 1 players can use the Brows and Chops, but you must be at the high level of 28 to use the Helmet and Club.

    With Membership you get more out of Ook. Members get access to all locked trails, a weekly banana allowance, exclusive weapons, and can now fast travel and instantly revive! Get a Membership today and experience the benefits. Click here to learn more about Membership.
  • Tech Update: Battle Boxes Delayed

    March 1st 2012 Tech Update: Due to tech issues we have been experiencing the monthly Battle Box will be delayed by a day or two. So, if you do not receive your Battle Box first thing this morning, NEVER FEAR! You will receive the items shortly. They are worth the wait. These items will be super powerful when they arrive, so hold tight.

    See you in Ook,
    The Monkey Quest Team
  • Tech Update: Monkey Quest is Back to Normal! The bathogs are defeated.

    February 29th 2012 The Great Bathog Attack is won! With YOUR help battling bathogs we have retrieved the missing parts of our site and completed our quest. The game, forums, graphics and chat are all back. Carry on your own quests with confidence. If you do see any issues write us at the link here: Report a Bug

    We'll be monitoring this very closely as well. Thanks for bearing with us through this surprise attack, Monkey Warriors. 

    See you in Ook!
    The Monkey Quest Team
  • Monkey Quest Game is Back Up! Website Graphics to Follow Shortly.

    February 28th 2012 Hi Monkeys,

    After fighting off a hoarde of evil bathogs attacking Monkey Quest Headquarters all day, the game is now back up and running. You may notice the website looks a little strange..
    We're working on fixing the graphics and the forums, but we wanted to let you know that the game is back up and stable!

    See you in Ook,
    The Monkey Quest Team
  • SPECIAL OFFER! Get your first month of Membership for just $7.95

    February 24th 2012

    Hey Hero Monkeys! We are currently offering an Introductory Offer for New Members. Your first month of Membership will be just $7.95/£5.55. Click Here to Get a Membership today!

    With Membership you will get all of these features and more:
    Weekly Banana Allowance
    Monthly Battle Box With Exclusive Members Only Items
    Access To Every Trail & Quest In The Entire Game
    Fast Travel To Anywhere On Your Map
    Instant Revive So You Do Not Have To Wait
    Earn Exclusive Weapons
    Meet Unique Characters

    Don't miss out on this special offer. Click here to become a Member.
  • Enter the "I Love Ook Raffle"- You might win a month of Membership! - CONTEST CLOSED

    February 22nd 2012

    (Click the image above to learn about the "I Love Ook" Raffle.)

    Have you sent us your "I Love Ook" Raffle entry yet?  One lucky monkey will win a free month of Monkey Quest Membership and five others will get a special NC Item. Click here to learn how to enter!

    After you enter, check out some of the great screenshots we've already recieved here: "I Love Ook" Raffle Entries. What are you waiting for? You could win one month of FREE Membership or other NC Prizes! Raffle ends Mar 4th. See page for details.

    See you in Ook,

    The Monkey Quest Team
  • Spitball Launcher - Available at the NC Mall

    February 17th 2012

    Riddle your foes with deadly loogies! This low-tech launcher will hit enemies with powerful blunt damage. You must be Level 20 to use it and it costs 150NC. Shoot some spitballs today, only available at the NC Mall. 

    Click here to learn more about the NC Mall.
  • Need Help? CHAT NOW on the Forums!

    February 16th 2012
    (click the image to start chatting now!)
    Need some quest help? Lookin for friends? Want to find a group?
    Find all the help you need on the NEW Monkey Quest official forums! Click here to visit the forums!

    Don’t forget to send us feedback. We always want to know how we can make the game better and more fun for our players.

    See you in Ook,
    The Monkey Quest Team

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