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  • Happy Valentine's Day - Enter to Win a Month of Membership!

    February 14th 2012

    (Click the image above to learn about the "I Love Ook" Raffle.)

    There's nothing we love more than a good battle, except a chance to giveaway a ONE MONTH MEMBERSHIP to one lucky monkey!

    Check out our new "Free Monkey Quest Stuff" to learn more about the "I Love Ook" Raffle.  You could win one month of FREE Membership or other NC Prizes! Raffle ends Mar 4th.  See page for details.

    Happy Valentine's Day,

    The Monkey Quest Team
  • Slash The Shadow Monsters Down with the Shadow Fighter Sword

    February 13th 2012

    The Shadow Fighter Sword is feared by Shadow Monsters everywhere. This sword will slash down Shadow Monsters with fire attacks. You must be Level 25 to use it. Look for it in the NC Mall for 200NC.

    If you are looking to make your NickCash go further then look for the Shadow Fighter Battle Pack, which includes the Shadow Fighter Sword as well as the entire Shadow Fighter Outfit. This outfit will boost your fire attack and fire defense stats!

    Learn more about NC items and the NC Mall by clicking here.
  • Don't Forget! Login NOW for Kung Fu Panda Daily Prizes

    February 10th 2012
    Find the Po-in-the-Box in Clock Tower Square daily to earn totally awesome prizes!  You could earn a dumpling to replenish your health in battle, or something extra-bodacious!

    Po’s Daily Dumpling Giveaway is brought to you by Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.  You can tune in daily on Nick!

  • FREE Printable Valentine's from Monkey Quest

    February 8th 2012
    Love Monkey Quest? Show it with these cool Valentine's Day cards!
    Click on the image or link below to open a PDF, then print or save.

  • NC Weapons Are Powerful! Check out the Cyclops Sword today

    February 6th 2012

    The Cyclops Sword puts the Bat in Battle! This wicked sword requires a level 10 monkey and deals powerful blunt damage. Check it out today in the NC Mall for 125NC.

    Learn more about NC items and the NC Mall by clicking here.
  • Members Only Woodland Archer Bow and Hat

    February 2nd 2012

    Members this month get the rare Woodland Archer Bow and Hat! 
    The Bow has a poison attacking power and the Hat has defensive stats. You must be level 15 to equip them both. 

    With Membership you get more out of Ook. Members get access to all locked trails, a weekly banana allowance, exclusive weapons, and can now fast travel and instantly revive! Get a Membership today and experience the benefits. Click here to learn more about Membership.
  • NEW FEATURE! Official Monkey Quest Forums - CHAT NOW

    January 30th 2012
    (click the image to start chatting now!)
    Need some quest help?  Lookin for friends?  Want to find a group? 
    Find all the help you need on the NEW Monkey Quest official forums! Click here to visit the forums!

    Don’t forget to send us feedback. We always want to know how we can make the game better and more fun for our players.

    See you in Ook,
    The Monkey Quest Team
  • NEW FEATURE! Members Now Instantly Revive!

    January 30th 2012

    Instant Revive automatically will allow you to revive if you are knocked out. There are powerful enemies in the World of Ook, so always be prepared in battle and never wait the next time you get knocked out! Click Here to sign up for a Monkey Quest Membership. 

    With one simple click you will instantly be transported back to the nearest check point. Non-Members will have to wait, but with Membership there is no waiting.

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