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  • NEW FEATURE! Now Members Can Fast Travel

    January 27th 2012
    Fast Travel is so easy to use, just open up the World Map and click where you want to go. You will instantly be transported to that trail! You'll wonder how you ever traveled before. Now Members can enjoy the benefit of Fast Travel. If you are not a Member, Click Here to sign up for a Monkey Quest Membership. 

    The World Map now shows you where you are, where your current quest goal is, and all trails that you have visited and unlocked! Note: You must have visited an area and unlocked a quest in that area in order to Fast Travel there.
  • Find Po in Clock Tower Square for Awesome Daily Prizes!

    January 26th 2012
    Have you noticed the new Po-in-the-Box in Clock Tower Square?  Legend has it that if you visit it each day, it’ll award you totally awesome prizes!

    The Daily Dumpling Giveaway is brought to you by Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.  You can tune in daily on Nick!

  • GAME UPDATE! Making Questing & Items Easier

    January 25th 2012 We've been busy incorporating your feedback and making things easier for monkeys to get right to battle.  There’s more to come, but here’s a few things we’ve done already:

    The Quest Journal has gotten a new look! Quest are now organized by tribe.  You can click the tabs at the top to choose your trail and see how many quest you have until your next reward.  Get to work, Monkey Warrior. Play now to check it out and don’t forget to send us your feedback.

    To avoid confusion we’ve removed the Vault.  Now your items are together in YOUR BACKPACK and this should make it easier to find your gear.  Yay! But what about transferring items to my other monkeys? You can no longer use the Vault to transfer to another monkey on the same account.  Each of your monkey needs to earn their own items.  However, since you won't be able to transfer anymore, to start off all of the monkeys on your account now have every item you had in your backpack. As always, NC & Membership items will be available across all your monkeys.

    Play now to check out all our updates and don’t forget to send us feedback. We always want to know how we can make the game better and more fun for our players.

    See you in Ook,
    The Monkey Quest Team
  • NC Item Feature: Rejuvenation Potion

    January 20th 2012

    Tired of having to respawn? Try our NC Mall Rejuvenation Potions. Use one of these to carry on battling against tough enemies.  These are a deal at 50NC for 3 potions, so bring them with you in any battle.

    Learn more about NC items and the NC Mall by clicking here.
  • Submit Your Epic Monkey Quest Screenshots!

    January 19th 2012
    There's new images in our player submitted Monkey Moments Gallery! 
    We like to think it is full of the best moments in Monkey Quest submitted by our fans.
    Click here to take a peek at the latest heroic moments we've received, then make your own with our "How to Take Screenshots" Guide
  • Members Only Benefits: Battle Box!

    January 16th 2012
    Wondering what a Battle Box is? Members get exclusive benefits such as this month's powerful Battle Box! If you get a Membership this month you will receive the epic Grizzly Adventure Axe and Hat! You must be level 23 to equip them both. What are you waiting for? Click here to learn more about Membership.

    But that's not all you'll get! Members get access to every trail in Ook, a weekly banana allowance, exclusive weapons, and have the opportunity to meet unique character, unlock special abilities, and find more items and weapons!
  • NC Item Feature: Poison Popper!

    January 13th 2012
    Have you checked out the Poison Popper yet? This poisoned popper is a party pooper. Just throw one into the crowd and watch the poisoned skulls fly.

    You must be level 18 to use one of these. Careful not to get too close!

    Learn more about NC items and the NC Mall by clicking here.
  • POLL CLOSED! Help Us Name Your Chameleon Companion

    January 12th 2012 Everyone needs a name.  That's how you know when when it's dinner time or when someone is REALLY REALLY mad at you. Now we need YOUR help naming your Monkey Quest friend for life....the chameleon.

    Click the image below to take our new Ask Ook Poll!

    POLL IS NOW CLOSED!   Thanks for voting!

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