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    December 15th 2011 It’s your last chance to get 15% off Nickelodeon Game Cards at Target®.  The sale ends Saturday, December 17th, so hurry! Click here to find a location near you.

  • Update ALERT! Monkey Quest Inventory

    December 14th 2011 In the past, different types of items were deposited in different areas of your Monkey Quest account.  Some items went to your Vault, while others when to your Backpack, but we're changing that to make it easier to find and understand. This might have made is a little confusing to figure out where items were placed in Monkey Quest.

    Item Inventory Adjustments
    To make everything a little simpler, ALL items will now drop into your inventory.
    Hopefully this will make all your items easier to find, and we thought you should know.  

    What about NC or Membership Items?
    Going forward, this means all NC or Member only items will now be placed into your Backpack, like quest or banana items. 

    Please note! NC or Member items will continue to be shared between all monkeys created in the same account.

    Let Us Know What You Think
    As always, we welcome your feedback so click here to submit your feedback on about our new stats.

    Thanks for playing!
    The Monkey Quest Team
  • Have a SUPER Monkey Day!

    Have a SUPER Monkey Day!

    December 14th 2011 About Monkey Day
    December 14th is International Monkey Day. Since 2000, activists for animal rights and monkey enthuisasts all over the world have been celebrating by dressing up or sharing stories about monkeys on Monday Day.

    What will you do?
    As Monkey Warriors we know you celebrate monkeykind everyday, but make sure you do something extra today! Eat some banana bread,learn about a new type of monkey or play some Monkey Quest to celebrate Monkey Day.

    FREE Monkey Day Background
    Right click or option-click the link below then choose "Save Link As..." to download this image to get your celebration started.

    FREE Monkey Day Background

    Happy Monkey Day,

    -The Monkey Quest Team
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    December 9th 2011 Nickelodeon Game Cards will be on sale at Target® beginning this weekend!  You can get 15% off starting Sunday, December 11th through Saturday, December 17th!  Click here to find a location near you.

  • Feed Your Monkey & Stay Strong in Battle

    December 7th 2011 Monkeys can regain their strength by snacking on Apples, Dried Banana Chips and even Chocolate Chip Cookies from the NC Mall.

    Buy or Harvest Snacks for Tough Battles
    Before you head off to battle swing by Altak the vendor and buy some treats or harvest from the apple tree in Crossroad Path!

    (What to buy, what to buy…)

    Equip Your Battle Snacks!
    Click on the hot key slot to equip and select them from supplies.
    When you run into trouble, just click the key listed about the slot and you’ll monkey will get a second wind.  

    (Easy right?)

    Enough chatter, let’s go battle!
  • Monkey Quest Game Card Sale! Find it Exclusively At GameStop

    December 5th 2011
    Monkey Quest Game Cards are now on sale at GameStop! You will receive $5 off the $25 card. This offer is only valid from December 5th to December 26th, so hurry to your local GameStop today! Click here to find a GameStop near you.

    You will have the option to redeem this card for either 2500 NickCash (plus 150 bonus NickCash) or for a 3 month Monkey Quest Membership! Don't miss out, get your NC today before this deal goes away!

  • Treat Yourself to New Gear! NEW Weapons Shop & Member Battle Boxes

    Treat Yourself to New Gear! NEW Weapons Shop & Member Battle Boxes

    December 2nd 2011 The battlefield may be colder, but the Shadow Battle is still red hot...
    December is the perfect month for Monkey Quest Warriors to upgrade their weaponry and become elite protectors of Ook. 

    NEW! Battle Shop in Hovering Markets
    Visit the NEW Battle Shop run by Brokk in Hovering Markets
    He’s stocking Ook’s finest weaponry to help out new recruits that Mayor Bumbee is sending into battle. 

    There are 10 different weapons to choose from with options for monkeys of every level.

    NEW! Members ONLY Battle Box

    Hone your battle skills, with new exclusive Battle Box.

    Monkey Quest Members will now receive a Battle Box filled with tons of powerful gear and a very special weapon each month.

    This powerful arsenal of gear is just for Members and there will be a new one EVERY month.

    Want to become a Member?
    Click here to learn more.
  • Monkey Quest Game Balancing ALERT!

    December 1st 2011 Item Stat Adjustments
    You may have noticed we have been implementing some item stat adjustments. 

    We want to make sure the game is fun and challenging from level 1 all the way to level 55, so we're tweaking a few stats here and there.
    They are pretty small changes, but we thought you should know.
    Let Us Know What You Think
    As always, we welcome your feedback so click here to submit your feedback on about our new stats. 

    Thanks for playing!
    The Monkey Quest Team

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