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  • Unleash the Beast with this Ferocious Werewolf Pack

    Unleash the Beast with this Ferocious Werewolf Pack

    October 10th 2011
    Halloween is just around the corner!  Get suited up for the Monkey Quest Halloween event with this spOOKy Werewolf Pack.  The Werewolf Pack is only available at the NC Mall for a limited time.

    It includes a Werewolf Head, Werewolf Pants, Werewolf Shirt, and is the only way to get the exclusive Werewolf Tail Ring. The pack is strong and will boost your attack and defense. So, do some monster busting and have a scary good time with your friends today!

  • Hurry! Help Terod & Get a Limited Edition Prize

    Hurry! Help Terod & Get a Limited Edition Prize

    October 6th 2011 Have you met Terod, the joke telling monkey, in Clock Tower Square?   He’s been working on some new jokes, but he’ll need your help gathering a few props to perfect his routine.

    Monkeys willing to help will be rewarded with a special *limited time only* prize for their trouble. 

    What are you waiting for?   Get to Clock Tower Square to earn an exclusive prize brought to you by General Mills. Click here to learn more!
  • It’s OOK-tober, Are You Planning Your Costume?

    It’s OOK-tober, Are You Planning Your Costume?

    October 4th 2011 It's finally OOK-tober, as Halloween draws near, the big question is… are you crafting or buying your costume?

    Check every tribe’s town center for amazing banana point and NC options unique to that tribes.
    Looking for a villain mustache or beard to complete your look? Check out Scatterfoot's selection in Plunder Alley.
    Want a cool mask? Stop by the Bog Bazaar.

    From Knight to Skull Fighter it's all there!
    Send us your looks at
  • Want Even More Monkey Quest?

    Want Even More Monkey Quest?

    September 28th 2011 Can’t get enough bouncing and battle?
    Try a Monkey Quest Membership.

    Members have unlimited trail access.
    This means you’ll be able to go everywhere and meet everyone in Ook.

    Members earn great armor and weapons!
    Every quest you take can offer you great rewards only available to members.

    Get a rare collectable items each month.  
    (We’re planning a creepy cool collectible in October so don’t miss out.)

    And if that wasn’t enough, you also get monthly bananas. Yum...

    Click here to learn more about our flexible Membership plans and payment options.
  • Send Us Your Favorite Monkey Quest Screenshots

    September 20th 2011 Check out the latest Monkey Moments player submission:

    Click on the picture to take a peek at other monkey's
    heroic moments and then make your own!

    Submitting Screenshots:
    If you want to submit your action shots, groups or silliest Monkey Moments, send an email with your screenshot(s) to: (500kb max please).

    Need more help?
    Click here for our handy "How to Take Screenshots" Guide
  • AVAST! It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day

    AVAST! It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day

    September 19th 2011 Be ye a landlubber or a scallywag?
    We've added some piratey things to chat.
    So lets pillage, you scurvy sea dogs!
    Make Captain Blackbeard proud or walk the plank!


    - The Monkey Quest Team

  • Is there a Hero in the house?

    Is there a Hero in the house?

    September 16th 2011 Ook needs more heroes.

    If you want to be a hero, sign up and help us battle this monster influx! 
    We fight'em off, but they just keep coming back!

    Do you have what it takes?:

    Must possess boundless courage

    Must provide own arsenal of awesomeness

    Would prefer a hero with a confident smile, chiseled chin, carefree swagger, and reckless abandon

    No self preservation gene needed

    See you in Ook, heroes!

  • Vote for Monkey Quest

    Vote for Monkey Quest

    September 12th 2011 Monkey Quest has been nominated for Community Choice in the 2011 Unity Awards. 

    We need your help to win!
    We’ve got some tough competition, but Monkey Quest is lucky to have some great fans. 
    Voting is quick and easy, and there's no sign up required. 

    Click here to vote for us.

    Thanks for playing and supporting Monkey Quest.  We couldn't do it without fans like you.

    The winners will be announced on September 29th at the Unite2011 Awards ceremony.
    -The Monkey Quest Team


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