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  • Choose Your Weapon, Find Your Style

    Choose Your Weapon, Find Your Style

    September 9th 2011 In Monkey Quest, every warrior needs a weapon and the weapon you choose says something about your style. 

    Find your combat style & choose your weapon:

    Do you have a keen eye and to plan your moves carefully?  RANGED COMBAT is your thing. Try a Slingshot or the Snake Staff.

    Do you love the heat of battle? MELEE COMBAT is for you!   Get a Sword or a Guardian Mace. 

    Love watching things go boom?  EXPLOSIVE COMBAT is your style.  Stink Bombs, Boom Bombs & Invisibility Bombs will be your best choice.

    Want better weapons? Get them by questing or check out our new Metal Sword available in the NC Mall!
  • Quest for Success! Quest to Earn the Best Rewards in Monkey Quest

    Quest for Success! Quest to Earn the Best Rewards in Monkey Quest

    September 7th 2011

    In Monkey Quest you can get the best rewards and level up faster by completing quests with your monkey. 

    Here are three important tools to help you QUEST LIKE A PRO:

    Quest Compass – You can follow this arrow in the middle of your screen to the next step in your quest.

    Game tip: Sometimes you’ll have to find your own way to get to where the arrow is pointing. 

    If you get stuck while following the arrow, try to find another way to get to where your arrow points!

    Quest Objectives – forgot what you’re supposed to do? Click on the compass on the right side of your window to pull up the steps of your current quest.

    Quest Journal - Pull up your Map and Quest Journal with the M key to see all your quests or change the quest you’re tracking with the quest compass.  Set a quest as your main quest by clicking on the box to the right of it in your journal.

    Click here to learn more about the Quest Compass and Quest Journal.

  • Want More Adventure? Try a Premium Quest

    Want More Adventure? Try a Premium Quest

    September 5th 2011 As you journey through Ook and complete quests, you might get special PREMIUM QUESTS from certain monkeys. 
    If you are looking for more adventure, why not give them a try?

    How Do I Recognize a Premium Quest?
    Premium Quests are RED in the Quest Summary and in your quest log.   These quests require you to travel into a LOCKED trail to complete them. 

    Why Should I Do a Premium Quest?
    Quests in locked trails have great rewards; you can get special abilities, cool armor or rare ingredients.

    How Can I Do a Premium Quest?
    If you want to try one of these quests you can become a Member to unlock every trail in Ook or buy a Trail Key from the NC Mall. Click here to learn more about Membership.

    Good luck and Happy Questing!
  • Find Your Quest, Become a Hero!

    Find Your Quest, Become a Hero!

    September 2nd 2011 Take quests to earn rewards, weapons and make your monkey more powerful.

    How do you find a quest?  Look for monkeys with yellow exclamation points over their heads, those monkeys need your help, and then follow your Quest Compass to find what you need! Check out our Quest Guides for more quest help. 

    New monkeys should go to CLOCK TOWER SQUARE and meet MAYOR BUMBEE, she’ll get you started.   Take all her quests to unlock quests from each of the Tribes.

    Mighty level 51 monkeys use your heroic skills to help newer monkeys.  Remember trying to get that purple chest in Volcano Lair?   It would have been nice to have an experienced guide through those dangers.   

    The more quests you do, the stronger you’ll become.  
    What are YOU waiting for? 
    Ook needs Heroes and Heroes need quests.
  • Are you a true Sea Dragon?  Test Your Knowledge with These Sea Dragon Facts

    Are you a true Sea Dragon? Test Your Knowledge with These Sea Dragon Facts

    September 1st 2011 Here are a few things every Sea Dragon should know.   
    We’re sure you know all these, but they might be a good reminder….

    The Sea Dragons live on COCONUT ISLAND, which is a relief to the mainland monkeys of Ook, who cannot stand their constant boisterous celebrations.

    ROSY the Whale who lives in Razor Bay is known for having a bellyful of treasure and we’re not sure what else…

    One you earn your KERNAL BLASTER & HORN OF HEROISM, there is a special place for you to power  them up near Captain Blacktail with SKILL STONES as your monkey gains more experience.  You'll need access to Premium Trails to earn these weapons. Members have complete trail access or you can get Trail Keys from the NC Mall.
  • Meet our Sea Dragons V.I.M. (very important monkey), CAPTAIN BLACKTAIL.

    Meet our Sea Dragons V.I.M. (very important monkey), CAPTAIN BLACKTAIL.

    August 30th 2011 As leader of the Sea Dragons, Captain Blacktail doesn't take kindly to blige rats and landlubbers. You can always find him in DRAGONTAIL SQUARE, but he only talks to monkeys who have made it to LEVEL 10 and are friends of the Sea Dragon clan.  That means you’ll have to do some Sea Dragon Quests to meet him. Don’t double cross Captain Blacktail or you’ll find yourself walking the plank.

    Want to meet this Sea Dragon V.I.M.?

    You’ll need a GLIDER to get to Coconut Crossway, so do quests for HARDTACK in HOVERING MARKETS and then quest for BILL the Pelican in SMUGGLER’S HIGHWAY.

    If you have a Monkey Quest Membership or Forgotten Lighthouse Trail Key, you can complete a quest for Captian Blacktail to earn your own FIERY KERNEL BLASTER.  Trail Keys are available at the NC Mall.
  • Set Sail for Sea Dragon Territory and Grab Some Loot

    Set Sail for Sea Dragon Territory and Grab Some Loot

    August 29th 2011 In RAZOR BAY you’ll find danger and treasure in equal measure.  You can discover enough loot to retire a wealthy monkey, if you can hold on to it.  Get closer to the Sea Dragons by questing with HARDTACK in CLOCK TOWER SQUARE.   If you play your cards right you might meet the famous CAPTAIN BLACKTAIL, the kernel blasting rouge who is both feared and loved by all Sea Dragons.
  • Top Secret Chim Foo Facts for You

    Top Secret Chim Foo Facts for You

    August 26th 2011 Yay it’s the weekend! That means it's time to play so we’re spilling some TOP SECRET Chim Foo facts.

    Chim Foo Secret #1:   The GRAPPLING HOOK is used throughout Ook, not just in Chim Foo areas.  You won’t get far without it.

    Chim Foo Secret#2: While they are very elusive and hard to find, these monkeys pay a lot of attention to their appearance.   We think the LEGENDARY CHIM FOO PACK proves it.

    Chim Foo Secret #3: It seems that the ANCIENT FOO ARCHIVES are turning into a popular hangout for monkey warriors .  It’s a good place to find a group to quest with! 

    So get your grappling hook and get up to the Iron Mountains.

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