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  • Battle the Vespid & Earn your Vespid Wings before it’s too late!

    Battle the Vespid & Earn your Vespid Wings before it’s too late!

    July 22nd 2011 Hurry! Defeat the Vespid this weekend to get your own pair of Vespid Wings.  After that, they’re gone forever, so don’t miss your last chance.  Get access to the Vespid’s Lair and more by becoming a Member or buy a Guardian Knight Temple Key from the NC Mall.
  • Are you a true hero?  Become a Guardian Knight!

    Are you a true hero? Become a Guardian Knight!

    July 21st 2011 Guardian Knights don't monkey around.  Their training program is intense and only the few are honorable and courageous enough to complete it with their full tail intact.  Those who succeed are the kind of heroes you’ll want in your group.  Accept the challenge and become a Guardian Knight!  Talk to the Mysterious Warrior in the Forgotten Temple to see if you are monkey enough to earn one of the highest honors.  And if you are already a Guardian Knight, look for trainees to group with so that they can also achieve greatness.
  • Already battled the Vespid? Help your fellow monkey!

    Already battled the Vespid? Help your fellow monkey!

    July 20th 2011 Have you faced the Vespid and earned your rank as a Guardian Knight?  Your rare skills are needed more than ever!  Group with less seasoned monkeys to help them battle the Vespid and earn their wings!  Send your victorious screenshots to (500kb max please). Click here for info on how to take screenshots.
  • Win the Vespid Battle with Honcho’s Combat Tips

    Win the Vespid Battle with Honcho’s Combat Tips

    July 19th 2011 The Vespid Battle rages on!  We want to help prepare brave monkeys venturing into the Vespid's Lair.   Commander Honcho has four helpful suggestions for his Guardian Knight Trainees:

           TIP #1 Find a Monkey Group. Get together a group of courageous monkeys to help you take on this menace.

           TIP #2 Take out the Spawners First! Getting rid of those pesky Spawners quickly cuts down on extra Shadow activity.

           TIP #3 Distract the Vespid.   Make sure a very strong monkey catches the Vespid’s attention while your companions attack!

           TIP #4 Stun the Vespid with the Crest Relic.  The Crest Relic is very powerful and very effective against the Vespid.  Be sure to use it to stun him to gain valuable time to heal or to defeat him!
  • The Final Boss Battle has Begun

    The Final Boss Battle has Begun

    July 14th 2011 This is it!  Equip your strongest weapons, grab your group, and strap-on your best armor because it's time to battle. There is a humongous flying beast called a Shadow Vespid buzzing around terrifying monkeys. It is time to take up arms and destroy this menace. Members and players with the Knight's Gate Trail Key should go see the Mysterious Warrior.  He has discovered a powerful ancient weapon called a Crest Relic that will help brave monkeys in battle.  Then it's off to the Shard Cavern to talk to Commander Honcho before battling this awful beast.  Good luck!
  • Use your Nick Game Card to Become a Member Today

    Use your Nick Game Card to Become a Member Today

    July 13th 2011 Exciting news! Nick Game Cards are now redeemable for Monkey Quest Membership. Redeem any Nick Game Card and choose from 1 Month with a $10 card or 3 Month with a $25 card . Unlock vine swinging action, powerful moves, & rare items by becoming a Member! To get started, click here to find a store near you.
  • Know Your Enemy. Prepare for the Vespid!

    Know Your Enemy. Prepare for the Vespid!

    July 11th 2011 Commander Honcho and the Mysterious Warrior are sure we'll face the worst Shard Cavern has to offer any day now.

    Monkey warriors risked their lives to get the Vespid pictures and information below. Here’s what little information we’ve gathered about the cavern's worst inhabitant- the Shadow Vespid. We suggest you get your groups ready and study your enemy.

    Shadow Vespid
    Species: Insect of the family Vespidae
    Characteristics: Blue, menacing eyes. Long wings. Poisonous stinger. Cranky disposition. Feeds on dark energy from Shadow Shards. Lives in hives mostly in caves or other dank, dark places.
    Weaknesses: Confused by multiple front attacks
    Behavior: Highly aggressive when agitated or surprised. Attacks with potent, venomous stinger. Known for disrupting picnics and decimating villages.
    Favorite color: Purple
    Favorite Food: Monkey

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  • Last Chance! Membership Sale Extended

    Last Chance! Membership Sale Extended

    July 8th 2011 Don't miss your last chance to take advantage of our Annual Membership sale! Until Sunday July 10th, get $10 off our regular pricing and grab your Annual Membership for $69.95. Now is the best time to get all the monthly exclusive bonus items, unlock every trail, master special abilities and get weekly bananas.   The sale ends this Sunday, so get your annual Monkey Quest Membership today and save all year!  Click here for pricing and info.

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