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  • Welcome to Monkey Quest!

    Welcome to Monkey Quest!

    March 17th 2011

    Monkey Quest is officially open!  Thanks a bunch for all your help beta testing the past several weeks.  We know how hard you worked, and to show our appreciation we’re giving you the following, exclusive gifts, which you can find in your vault.

    Go to Hovering Markets and open up your vault to get the Explorer's Backpack and the Mek-Tek Inspector Helmet!

    These powerful items will give your new monkey a jump start on its adventure. Yes, we said "new monkey."  Now that beta has ended, your account (including all monkeys, inventory, NC items, and levels acquired during beta) has been wiped.  However, you can continue to use your original username and password to login to the game and start your new Monkey Quest adventure.  There are new surprises to discover including a new animated introduction telling the tale of the lost Monkey King!

    Again, thanks for helping us launch the game LIVE!  As always, please send us any feedback you have.

    See you in Ook!

    -The Monkey Quest Team

  • Welcome Beta Testers!

    Welcome Beta Testers!

    January 21st 2011 We've started to receive a bunch of great feedback from you. Thank you!

    As a beta tester, you help make the game better by playing the game and telling us what you like and what to fix!  Get your friends to play with you to help grow the Monkey Quest community.  Check the Beta Info page every time you play to get the latest news.

    There are 2 ways to send us your feedback:

    1) Click on Send us Feedback or Report a Bug at the bottom of

    2) Click the Survey link to the left

    This week's build mainly addresses a variety of technical and performance issues. You'll notice a lot more other players as you play the game, too!  We also improved the beginning quests and trails leading up to level 5. There's a brand new ability to play with, an invisibility orb.  So, create a new monkey and check it out.  We want to know what you think!

    Thank you again for all your help, now go bananas with Monkey Quest!
  • Nickelodeon's Monkey Quest Closed Beta Begins!

    December 14th 2010 Welcome to the Monkey Quest Closed Beta!  We're thrilled you've decided to play our game.  By becoming a beta tester, you're helping make improvements to the game before it's open for everyone to play.  Closed beta means the game isn't done, yet.  So, as you play, you may encounter bugs, longer-than-usual load times, occasional shut downs, and general quirkiness.

    Beta testers get a sneak peek at Nickelodeon's new MMOG. In Monkey Quest, you can create your very own monkey, go on quests, battle monsters, gear up, and meet other monkeys as part of our special closed beta group.

    Monkey Quest will be open every Thursday - Monday for the first few weeks of the closed beta. We need time between play sessions to fix bugs and add new features.  We’ll let you know when it’s open 24/7.

    During closed beta, we will periodically wipe player accounts as we continue to fine tune the game.  At the end of closed beta, we will clear all account data but will keep usernames and passwords.  You will not have to create a new account after closed beta ends.

    Ask your friends to join the closed beta with you!  Play the game, report bugs, make suggestions.  We want to hear from our beta testers to get the game ready to launch early next year!

    Watch your inbox for updates from The Monkey Quest Team. See you in the World of Ook!

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