Monkey Quest

Outlaw Beach

Outlaw Beach

After a successful day of plundering the high seas, there's nothing quite like kicking your paws up at Outlaw Beach to celebrate. For many years, the Sea Dragons made exclusive use of this sandy shore to sort through their loot and divvy up the spoils. But recently, an independent, rebel pirate has seized control of the area. Even the fearsome Sea Dragons haven't been able to reclaim this trail, so don't expect a warm reception when you arrive.

Trail Access Point:
Coconut Isle Crossway
Trail Recommended Levels: 10-20
Idols: 10
Trail Exclusive Rewards:
Explorer's Cutlass & Blazing Tricorn

Trail Quests
Hints & Tips

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  • Rock Crawlers
  • Bathogs
  • Magma Pincers
  • Shadow Pincers
  • Pincer
  • Magma Crawlers
  • Swamp Pincers
  • Magma Bathogs
  • Spawners

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The Courage Juice
Bamm wants you to pour Lemonade in the Courage Juice Jars at Outlaw Beach.
Reward: 150 Bananas/2250 XP

A Meeting with Ironfoot
Captain Blacktail wants you to talk sense into Ironfoot at Outlaw Beach.
Reward: 170 Bananas/2550 XP

A Disturbing Report
Watata wants you to report back to Ironfoot in Outlaw Beach.
Reward: 180 Bananas/2700 XP

An Inconstant List
First Mate Stern needs 3 Starfish Tears and 3 Pineapple Punch in Outlaw Beach.
Reward: 180 Bananas/2700 XP

An Inconstant List - Part 2
First Mate Stern needs 4 Pineapple Punch and 3 Rotten Fruits in Outlaw Beach.
Reward: 190 Bananas/2850 XP &  Explorer's Cutlass

The Magma Crawler
Sharky wants you to defeat the Magma Crawler in Outlaw Beach.
Reward: 170 Bananas/2550 XP & Crag Crawler Tooth

Trio of Idols
Monkeys required
Sharky wants you to find the Small Wooden Idol in Outlaw Beach.
Reward: 180 Bananas/2700 XP & Blazing Tricorn

Master Chi wants you to find the Traitor in Outlaw Beach.
Reward: 60 Bananas/900 XP

Sharky’s Daily Quest
Sharky needs you to bath your hands in Courage Juice before you go defeat the Shooting Bathog in Outlaw Beach.
Reward: 170 Bananas/2550 XP

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More than a Headache
The spike-headed squids floating mid-air are prickly pains. Not only do you take damage when touching their pointy tops, but also when touching their purple tentacles. Steer clear of these octopi when you see their beady red eyes.

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