Monkey Quest

Overlook Cliff

Overlook Cliff

Overlook Cliff is touted as one of the most scenic views of the ocean, but it isn't just monkeys who enjoy this natural wonder. Long before the Monkey King, Pincers came to Overlook Cliff to mate, and they swarm about the area to this day. Although their presence keeps most sightseers away, they also make excellent protection for Sea Dragons looking to hide their booty from snooping strangers.

Trail Access Point:
Coconut Isle Crossway
Trail Recommended Levels: 10-15
Idols: 10
Trail Exclusive Rewards:
Water Breathing Potion Recipe, Trail Mix & Treasure Hunter Tricorn Pattern

Trail Quests
Hints & Tips

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  • Crag Crawlers
  • Bathogs
  • Pincers
  • Trawlers
  • Magma Bathogs
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Dealing the Healing
Hardtack needs you to find 4 Pots of Cave Glue in Overlook Cliff. Then, take them to Ploch in Cauldron Keep.
Reward: 130 Bananas/1950 XP

A Frightened Monkey
Monkeys required
Anklepuff needs you to defeat the Arena at Overlook Cliff.
Reward: 120 Bananas/1800 XP

Spying on the Brother
Captain Blacktail wants you to talk to Bamm in Overlook Cliff.
Reward: 130 Bananas/1950 XP

The Three Markings
Scuttlebutt needs you to study 3 Markings in Overlook Cliff.
Reward: 130 Bananas/1950 XP

Stern's Business
First Mate Stern needs you to defeat 5 Pincers in Overlook Cliff.
Reward: 160 Bananas/2400 XP

Bubbles and Ebullience
First Mate Stern needs you to find 3 Blue Bubbles in Overlook Cliff.
Reward: 170 Bananas/2550 XP & Water Breathing Potion

The Clue
Fizzle needs you to find a Clue in Overlook Cliff.
Reward: 140 Bananas/2100 XP & Trail Mix

The Second Idol
Monkeys required
Fizzle wants you to find the Small Wooden Idol in Overlook Cliff.
Reward: 150 Bananas/2250 XP & Treasure Hunter Tricorn Pattern

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Anchors Away!
Don't rush through the trail blindly. With all the Sea Dragons around, there's no shortage of dangerous traps and hazards designed to stop treasure hunters in their tracks. Watch out for the crushing blows of the anchors that drop from the ceiling. There are no telltale warnings, so take the time to scope them out in narrow passages.

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