Monkey Quest

Soggy Creek

Soggy Creek

Time to take a little dip in the refreshing waters of Soggy Creek! Bring your friends along, because there are even more hidden secrets requiring multiple monkeys. Who knows how deep some of these underwater passages go? Discover menacing Spinefish beneath the water's surface, and dry off quickly while avoiding the new and lethal Shadow Orchid.

Trail Access Point: The Crossroad Path
Trail Recommended Levels: 3-10
Idols: 10
Trail Exclusive Rewards:
Ghanee Recipe, Glider Ability, Chalice of Life OR Jeweled Bracelet of Elements OR Crown of the Pirate King

  • Crag Crawlers
  • Bathogs
  • Spinefish
  • Shadow Orchid
  • Spawners

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The Red Gems
Hardtack wants you to find 3 Red Gems in Soggy Creek. Then, go talk to Kama in Hovering Markets.
Reward: 70 Bananas/1050 XP

Landu Daily Quest
Landu wants you to go to the highest and the lowest point in Soggy Creek.
Reward: 80 Bananas/1200 XP & Pouch of Herbs

The Hidden Reports
Find the Reports hidden in 3 Hollowed Out Trees. There is one in The Crossroad Path, one in Blimp Ridge, and one in Soggy Creek.
Reward: 60 Bananas/900 XP

King of the Hill
Jeet wants you to try to climb to the Top of the Tower in the middle of the lake in Soggy Creek.
Reward: 60 Bananas/900 XP & Leather Scrap OR Dandelions OR Linen Scrap

Tracking the Thief
Kama wants you to find whoever stole his Bag. He thinks it might have been Sabre the Panther who was last seen in Soggy Creek.
Reward: 50 Bananas/750 XP & Bathog Ear OR Bombird Feather OR Rachnoid Leg

Kama’s Recipe
Sabre the Panther needs you to find 3 Buckets of Sticky Sap in Soggy Creek.
Reward: 80 Bananas/1200 XP

A Container for the Shard
Wijit wants you to find Mechanical Parts in Soggy Creek.
Reward: 80 Bananas/1200 XP & Copper Nugget OR Oak Branch OR Leather Scrap

Lost and Found
Ghanee the Alligator needs you to find the Stink Bomb Recipe and defeat the Orchid in Soggy Creek.
Reward: 80 Bananas/1200 XP & Ghanee Recipe

Hearthland Creek Investigation
Memee wants you to investigate the Polluted Area in Soggy Creek.
Reward: 100 Bananas/1500 XP

Treasure Hunt
Hardtack wants you to find 10 Small Treasures. She thinks there are 5 in Soggy Creek and 5 in The Volcano Lair.
Reward: 132 Bananas/1980 XP & Chalice of Life OR Jeweled Bracelet of Elements OR Crown of the Pirate King

Fill Bill
Bill the Pelican needs you to find 3 Small Bluefish in Soggy Creek.
Reward: 70 Bananas/1050 XP & Ability: Glider

Feeding the Kids
Bill the Pelican wants you to find 2 Small Bluefish. Then, take them to his kids at the Forgotten Lighthouse.
Reward: 80 Bananas/1200 XP

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Squat and Switch
A Treasure Chest is tucked down near the very bottom of Soggy Creek, trapped behind a gate. Duck down into a hidden chamber to the right and use your Slingshot to activate the switch and gain access to the hidden goodies.

Two for Two

A second monkey is key to picking up both an Idol and Treasure Chest in two Soggy Creek locations. Don't be intimidated by the Spawner while you claim your rewards.

Submersible Slingshot
Your handy Slingshot is just as good under the water as it is out of it. Use it to take out the Spinefish swimming back and forth to clear a path to dry land.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Don't get caught off guard the first time you see a Shadow Orchid in this trail. It might not be able to move, but its projectile attacks can knock your monkey senseless before you know it. It spits out poison in three directions that slowly drains your monkey of its health.

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